How To

Hello and Welcome to the LisaLise How To Page

Making your own all-natural skincare is fun and easy when you can follow a step by step how to.  It's even better when the formula and instruction has been developed by a professional who has personally developed and tested every product, and that's what you have right here.



Basic (green clay)

Chamomile Cleansing Bar

Cornflower and Clay

Cranberry and Clay

French Clay

Green Clay and Spirulina

Lavender Easy Layer

Lavender Exfoliating

Oatmeal and Pink Clay

Oatmeal and Yellow Clay

Oatmeal (without coconut oil)

Oatmeal (with coconut oil)

Red Clay and Rooibos

Rhassoul and White Clay


Rose and White Clay

Rose Clay and Oatmeal

Yellow Clay and Chamomile

FAQ and Tutorial

Storing and Using Cleasing Bars


2 Minute Honey Mask

5-Minute Layered Mask

10-Minute Lavender Detox

Calming Chamomile and Clay

Deep Cleansing Rhassoul and Tea Tree

Easy Face Mask with Fresh Cucumber Juice

Fresh Cucumber and French Clay Mask

Fresh Cucumber and Spirulina Mask

Fresh Kiwi and Oat Moisturizing Mask

Fresh Kiwi and Honey

Green Clay and Green Tea

Green Comfort Mask

Milk and Honey with Pink Clay

Pink Clay Mask for Sensitive Skin

Rejuvinating Rosewood

Rhassoul and Aloe Vera Toner

White Clay and Honey Toning Mask

Yellow Clay Moisture Injection

Yellow and White Clay Skin Reviver


Cream Foundation

Cream Blush 

Cream Concealer/Highlighter

Duplicating a Color 

Eyebrow Pencils

Eye Make-up Remover

Foundation - Loose Powder

Foundation with Sun Factor

Highlighter (Touche Eclat)

How to Prepare Pressed Powder

Lip and Cheek Tint

Lip Plumping Pencil Kit

Make a Complete Skin Tone Palette

Mascara from the Urtegaarden Kit

Matt Powder Foundation

Matt Powder Foundation - Made Easy

Mixing Powder Pigments for Color Makeup - Tips 

Mixing Pigments to Match Skin Tone

Powder Blush 

Pressing EyeShadow- How To with Recipe for Binder

Pressing Eye Shadow With Pressing Tools

Pressed Powders in Skin Tones


Make perfume with essential oils


Aromatherapeutic Smelling Salts

Battling Anal Itch

Chamomile Compress

Garlic for earaches

Hot Flash Mist

How to Treat Baking Soda Burn from DIY Deodorant

Infusions with Ayurvedic powders

Inhalers - Anti-Stuffy-Nose

Inhalers - Aromatherapy

Remove Childrens Face Paint

Winter Cold-Fighting Tip


Beautiful Cuticles 

Blackberry Exfoliating Hand Polish

Body Butter with 2 ingredientts - butter and oil

Body Butter with 2 ingredients- wax and oil

Body Butter with 3 ingredients

Body Butter - Super Soft

Body Butter with Shea

Calming Skin Mist for Sensitive Skin

Calm Steam Face Tea

Cleansing Putty: Fruit and Flower

DIY Deodorant without baking soda 

Easy DIY Foot Tea for Runners

Easy Scrubby Bags With Oats and Soap

Emulsified Scrub Basics

Fabulous Feet Forever

Face Cleanser with Milk (Powder Cleanser)

Face Tea How To

Fail-Safe Whipped Shea Balm

Fruit & Flower Cleansing Putty

Go Green Face Cleanser

How to Apply a Face Oil

How to Facial Exfoliation with Physical Exoliants

How to Facial Massage with Facial Roller

How to Foaming Face Wash With Plants

How to Make a Face Wash With Flowers, Dirt and Food -1

How to Make a Face Wash With Flowers, Dirt and Food - 2

How to Make a Face Wash with Rose and Milk

How to use a Himalayan Salt Bar

How to use a Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool

How to use the Deodorant Crystal Stone for max effect

Lavender Foot Scrub and Home Spa Treatment 

Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars With Herb Infused Oil

Mallow Face Cleansing Gel

Microdermabrasion - How To

Microwave Body and Hair butter

Non-Greasy Feeling Whipped Butter

Polishing Hand Scrub

Raw Oat and Soap Cleansing Body Bags and Hand Bags

Removing age spots with citrus fruits

Rose Cleansing Putty

Rose Exfoliating Hand and Body Scrub

Rose & Red Clay no-soap Face Cleanser

Rose & Soapnut Cleansing Milk

Rosemary and Honey Self Preserving Facial Cleanser

Single Use Herbal Scrubby Bags

Skin Brushing

Soap-Free Ayurvedic Skin Brightening Cleanser

Soap-Free Face Cleanser in a Jar

Soap-Free Mean Green Cleanser in a Jar

Soothing Calendula Face Mist

Sweet Lip Scrub

Threading - Perfectly Natural Shaving

Vitamin C Face Cleansing Powder

Whipped Body Butter


3 All-natural Hair Cleansers

Battling Baldness

Conditioning Shampoo Bars

Instant Rhassoul Hair Wash

Green Shampoo Bars with Horsetail and Nettle

Hair Rinse with Horsetail

Make your own Hair Wax

Mallow Conditioning Hair Gel

Microwave Hair & Body Butter

Personalized Hair Oil How to

Pre-shampoo Hair Conditioning with Coconut Oil

Rhassoul Head and Hair Mask

Scalp Soothing Treatment

Soapnut & Soaproot Hair and Scalp Cleansers

Quicky Pre-shampoo Oil Treatment

Wash Your Hair Backwards - Horst Rechelbacher Method

Washing Pre-Shampoo Coconut Oil From Hair with Rhassoul

Washing Pre-Shampoo Coconut OIl From Hair With Soapnut/Soaproot


Frankincense Oil Infusion

Glycerine Extract with Blackberry

Glycerine Extract with Blueberry

Glycerine Extract (Glycerite) With Cucumber - part 1

Glycerine Extract (Glycerite) with Cucumber - part 2

Glycerine Extract (Glycerite) with Lemon

Glycerine Extract (Self-Preserving Glycerite) with Lemongrass

Glycerine Extract (Glycerite) with Strawberry

Infused Oil with Coffee

Infused oil with Fresh Juniper Berries - part 1

Infused oil with Fresh Juniper Berries - part 2

Infused oil with Dried Calendula - starting the mixture

Infused oil with Dried Calendula - Straining and Bottling

Infused oil with Coffee

Infused oil with Rose

Infused oil with Vanilla

Infused oil with Vanilla - Straining

How to Start a Tincture

Tincture - Straining and Bottling

Soapnut Decoction

Soaproot Decoction

Straining Tinctures Extracts and Glycerites Using a Veggie Drinks Maker

Vinegar Tincture with Pomegranate

Vinegar Tinctures: Quality Control: What cloudiness means