How to Make a Fresh Food Hand Mask

Have you ever heard of doing a mask for your hands?

I hadn't until I had to come up with some way of demonstrating face masks as part of this course I have been teaching this summer at Tisserand Institute.

Because I needed to be able to photograph everything (and recalled all the previous times I have tried taking photos of face masks on myself), I decided to apply each mask to one hand.

I was a little amazed when I removed the first one. The difference was immediately visible (insert amazement emoji). Not only was my hand lighter and fresher looking, I swear the wrinkly knuckle-area was softened and looked younger. My husband was immediately enlisted for a neutral, unbiased and (painfully) honest opinion. He saw it too and asked what I had done.

Guess who got busy developing a few masks for hands? And guess who decided to share one with you?

This is a fresh food mask that is meant to be made fresh and used immediately.

Are you ready to give hand masks a whirl? This is enough for a single application.

LisaLise’s Fresh Tomato Hand Mask

Ingredient Grams Ounces
Fresh Tomato 35 1.23
Brazilian Red Clay 7.5 0.26
Powdered Yoghurt Protein 2.5 0.09
Sweet Almond oil 6 0.21


1. Grind/chop the tomato until smooth and transfer to a small bowl
2. Add dry ingredients and stir until homogenous
3. Add oil and stir
4. Apply to backs of hands in a thick layer
5. Allow to sit for 15-20 minutes
6. Remove mask, rinse and pat dry.

If you want to really turn up the pampering, finish with a nourishing hand cream or a few drops of your favorite face oil. 


Do Tell

Have you ever heard of a hand mask? Would you try one?

You Can Do This Too (and More)

Want to make more masks with simple and easy-to-source ingredients? There is an entire section on masks in this beginner friendly E-book.


Ieva said…
Intriguing idea :) my work in rough on my hands and hand creams while helpful are nothing particularly amazing.
LisaLise said…
HI Leva -- I hope this mask formula is just the thing for your hands!