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Propanediol vs Glycerin Infusion: Testing With Botanical Powders

Extracts made with propanediol vs glycerine have been a bit of a theme in the LisaLise lab this year. I have been getting a feel for how the extracts perform in different combinations of ingredients.

Last time we looked at a comparative test of these, surfactants were involved.  Today, we're going to see at how they compare when botanical powders are added.

Color, Viscosity, Scent There is a difference in both color and viscosity of these 2 extracts made with fresh strawberries. On the left, propanediol and on the right, glycerine. The glycerine is more viscous, pinker, and has a more robust scent of strawberry while the propanediol is quite runny, a titch duller in color and smells 'more candy-like'.

Adding (the exact same) botanical powder made quite a visible difference. Below, (propanediol on the left and glycerine on the right) it looks like there is some separation while the mixture on the right is homogenous.

The added botanical was rose powder.

Although the propan…

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