Welcome to the LisaLise information page. Below you can read about
  • Article Submissions / Sponsored Blog Posts
  • Sponsorship
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  • Reviewing LisaLise Products
  • Link exchange

Are You Interested in Submitting Material?

Ever since it started, LisaLise blog has been a personal journal of my work, research, product development & testing, as well as my observations about the cosmetics industry.

Please note: personal journal

If I accepted or published articles written by others, this blog would no longer be a personal journal of my work, now would it?

I am sure the material you have written is wonderful and that someone else will be happy to accept it.

I, however, will politely decline every request.

Are You Interested in Booking a Sponsor Spot?

It is possible to book a sponsor spot on this blog. Please visit this page for more information.

Are You Interested in Product Samples?

Because LisaLise products are custom made, samples are only produced specifically for a giveaway, special, campaign or special test group.

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Are You Interested in Becoming a Products Tester?

Stay up to date about becoming a tester for specific projects by signing up for the Newsletter.

Are You a Blogger Looking to Review LisaLise Products?

I don't require you have over a certain amount of readers, but I do require a screenshot of your stats and a description of why you are interested in testing and reviewing LisaLise products.

If I agree to create custom products for you, you must be prepared to disclose personal information to me such as
  • your skin and hair type 
  • your regular skin and/or hair care routine 
  • the names of the specific products you use at present
  • challenges in your skin and/or hair care 
  • if you have any allergies 
  • and there will be more before I can even start making your products
Information you provide will be kept in confidence. The process from initial contact to delivery of the samples/products takes between 6-12 weeks, depending on my schedule.

Are You Interested in Link Exchange?

Sorry. I don't do link exchange and find the practice unethical.