As of August 2017, it is possible to partner with LisaLise and reach a very targeted audience through a sponsorship.

Sponsors are showcased in the sidebar.

Sponsorships are exclusive - only one is showcased at a time.

Previous and current sponsors are listed at the bottom of this page.

Blog Audience

Readers of LisaLiseBlog have an interest in cosmetics ingredients, production methods, and skin- and haircare formulation with a focus on green, natural, cruelty-free, and planet-friendly solutions while embracing scientific study and evidence.
  • Estimated Readers per Month: 75.000
  • Estimated Page Views per Month: 120.000

How a Sponsorship Works

Each sponsorship is exclusive. Only one sponsor at a time.

A sponsorship period is one week.

Sponsors are showcased in the sidebar throughout the sponsorship period.

Sponsors may be mentioned in a blogpost during the sponsorship period, but this is entirely at LisaLise's discretion and is not included in the price of a sponsorship.

Sponsors only need provide
  • Images/graphics  (The displayed size is 286 x 286 px)
  • HTML link 

PRICING (in euros)

Per week : €300

Per calender month : €900

  • layout and setup (from your provided photo/logo materials)
  • assistance in copywriting the descriptive text
  • proof sent for your approval 
  • setup and link check

To book a slot, please contact LisaLise here 

Please note: LisaLise reserves the right to refuse any company or organization wishing to book a sponsorship. 

SLOTS in 2018

Oct 22 - Oct 28: BOOKED
Oct 29 - Nov 4: BOOKED
Nov 5 - Nov 11: BOOKED
Nov 12 - Nov 18: BOOKED
Nov 19 - Nov 25: BOOKED
Nov 26 - Dec 2: BOOKED
Dec 3 - Dec 9: BOOKED
Dec 10 - Dec 16: BOOKED
Dec 17 - Dec 23: BOOKED
Dec 24 - Dec 30: BOOKED

SLOTS in 2019

Dec 31 - Jan 6: AVAILABLE
Jan 7 - Jan 13: AVAILABLE
Jan 14 - Jan 20: BOOKED
Jan 21 - Jan 27: BOOKED


Colins Cosmetic Consultancy
Herbal Hub, the
Formula Botanica
Formulators Kitchen
Formulator Sample Shop
Karen Gilbert
LisaLise Shop
(M) Botanicals
Susan M Parker


Colins Cosmetic Consultancy
Formulators Kitchen
LisaLise Shop
(M) Botanicals
Susan M Parker
Karen Gilbert