How to: Make Your Own Pulse Point Roller

This is a very easy product to make that is not only surprisingly effective with the right blend, it also makes for a perfect personal gift.

The contents on the bottle above was created to provide a moment of calm relaxation for a special client. I used my own organic lavender maceration (in sweet almond oil) and combined it with fractionated coconut oil for ease of application.

The Container Matters

A formula of this type has (obvious) container requirements. The roller bottle you see above holds 10ml. These roller-applicators come in a few sizes but generally hold between 5-15 ml. They are meant to be small and deliver product with precision while providing a comfortable mini-massage with application.

You might consider opting for roller applicators with jade or stainless steel applicator balls (I'm still anxious to try one myself but have been so busy this year I haven't had time to get serious about sourcing them)

The Contents is Up to You

You can use any carrier/fixed oils you like (I recommend oils with a long shelf life), and even decide whether or not you want to opt for your own herbal macerations, straight up carrier oils with essential oils, or even a combo.

Because my client has numerous sensitivities, I did not include essential oils in the blend you see above, but when I do want to include essential oils, I do it as described below.

LisaLise's Pulse Point Rollers

Ingredient Grams Ounces
Jojoba (optional: infused with herbs) 5.05 0.18
Fractionated Coconut Oil (optional: infused with more herbs) 4.9 0.17
Essential Oil 0.05 0.0018

If you're freaking out a bit about all those decimal points by the essential oils, read on for a few tips.


1. Create your essential oil blend. You can work with very small amounts if you use a jewelry scale to weigh your oils. A jewelry scale will be able to weigh even a single drop (and doesn't even have to cost a small fortune). If you don't have a jewelry scale (yet), the total amount of essential oil blend to add to a 10 ml container is roughly 3 drops.

2. Weigh and add all ingredients to container

3. Cap, shake bottle and apply label.

To Use

Uncap and gently roll the bottle over temples, wrists, inside elbow, side of neck, top of foot

Do Tell

Have you ever made or used pulse point rollers? What were your impressions?

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