How to: Breakfast on Your Face Mask

We are cooking up something a little different today. I figured it's about time we did a down-home roots-style face mask with nothing more than the ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Even if you have never even thought of making your own skincare, I hereby pronounce this the day to get started.

Today, we put breakfast on our faces!

(insert snicker at the very thought of slathering breakfast on the face)

This moisture boosting face mask calls for only 4 ingredients

I know what you're thinking:
Does it really boost moisture?
Can it make skin feel deliciously smooth?
Will it leave you feeling like you got a bit of an instant face lift?

I don't blame you a bit for thinking all that, because one wouldn't imagine ordinary breakfast foods could do anything of the sort.

But to answer your questions:
Yes to all of the above.

Here's why putting these particular breakfast foods on your face can be beneficial for your skin:
  • Yoghurt has a natural content of lactic acid and offers gentle exfoliation (links below)
  • Oats are all around fabulous for skin in more ways than you can count (seriously -- try counting them -- you'll be busy until next week)
  • Banana adds both moisture and an instant glow. (Some banana fans claim there are skin lightening properties and help for hyperpigmentation, but I still need to do more research on this before I can tell you whether or not this particular claim has any substance to it)
  • Raw honey has so much to offer skin that even science can't deny it. Truth: I'm a bit of a honey addict as well. (do a search on this blog for posts about honey and you'll see what I mean)

Ready to get busy putting breakfast on your face? 


This is enough for a single portion for immediate use. 

Step one: 

Mash the banana thoroughly. If you check the pic above, I have used about a third of a banana for this portion.

Step 2

Add about a tablespoon of natural yoghurt and teaspoon of honey - stir thoroughly. 

Step 3

Add ground oats until desired spreadable texture. (check the next pic for what I mean)

Step 4

The texture should be soft and spreadable yet hold together enough so it doesn't drip off your face - a little like what you see in the bowl below.

Step 5

Apply and let sit for about 20 minutes. I used the flexible spatula you see in the pic under step 3 to apply to the face. You can also use the back of a teaspoon or mask brush. 


I used a flexible spatula to gently scrape off the mask before rinsing off the remainder and following with a spritz of hydrosol and a few drops of face oil.

Do Tell

Have you ever thought of putting breakfast on your face? (hopefully it wasn't fried eggs and bacon) - please share which foods you have used in a comment below.  And if you give this breakfast mask a try, I'd love to hear your feedback!

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Unknown said…
Έχω χρησιμοποιήσει αυγό λεμονι και λάδι καρύδας για μάσκα για την μπανανα το ξέρω οτι είναι καλή στο πρόσωπο , είσαι φοβερή , μπράβο
Laurie said…
I made this last night and it is wonderful. My skin felt both soft and firm at the same time. Like s kinindzxd life! Nature is pretty clever!
LisaLise said…
@Unknown - Thank you for your kind words! I admittedly had to go through Google Translate to understand them, and they most definitely made my day. Thank you :)

@Laurie - Thank you! So pleased you found it useful! I am a great fan of this kind of simple mask and am continuously delighted by the many wonderful things nature offers us.