How to: Exfoliating Shower Scrub with Essential Oils

Not too long ago, we made an exfoliating salt and pepper shower shaker.

Today we're going to spice things up by adding nigella seeds and – because several of you have asked me if it was possible to incorporate essential oils – we're going to see about adding our favorite scent blend.

Shower Shaker Containers

I've been fiddling around with shower shaker containers, and the one pictured above has become one of my absolute faves. This is little lunch-box sized food-safe plastic container with a screw-top lid that my husband kindly drilled a bunch of holes into.

It's super easy to refill and clean as well and has an additional fabulous function I will be sharing with you before too long, so if you have been longing for a bit of bathtub luxury in your shower, you might want to get busy making your own version.

Adding Essential Oils

When adding essential oils to a product like this, it's important to use the right combination of ingredients.

There is a 'modified tapioca starch' sold by cosmetics ingredients suppliers called Natrasorb Bath. This is not the same as ordinary tapioca starch (which is available practically everywhere).

Natrasorb Bath was developed to 'carry' a large amount of oils and disperse them safely into water. Although I have tested this formula with alternative ingredients, Natrasorb Bath performs optimally. If you simply can't get hold of it, an organic tapioca starch will also function.

Pictured below: ingredients added to bowl complete with smiling nigella seeds.

Here's how to put this shower shaker mix together. This amount will make 300 grams / 10.58 ounces which is enough for several showers.

LisaLise’s Spicy Shower Shaker with Essential Oils

Phase Ingredient Grams Ounces
A Natrasorb Bath 18 0.63
A Essential Oil Blend 2 0.071
B Salts of Choice 240 8.47
B Ground Nigella Seeds 10 0.35
B Skimmed Milk Powder 15 0.53
B Grated Cocoa Butter 15 0.53


  1. Crush/grind nigella seeds and test that they will not scratch the skin by rubbing in palms. If you find them a bit too sharp, filter the seeds through a sieve. Save the part that didn't make it through the sieve for a baked bread or infuse them into oil for another fabulous skincare project.
  2. Weigh out ingredients
  3. Place Natrasorb Bath in bowl and place the bowl on a scale
  4. Set scale to 0 and weigh in essential oil blend
  5. Stir thoroughly to mix
  6. Add remaining ingredients and stir thoroughly
  7. Transfer to bag, shut bag and shake to mix fully
  8. Transfer mixture to an airtight container for storage until use

To Use

Check this post for a step by step how to on using a shower shaker and be amazed at your water-saving and sustainable planet-friendliness while showering!

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Do Tell

Have you ever considered making a shower shaker? What would be your ingredients of choice?

For Bathtub Enthusiasts

Want to make a whole series of bath products to deliver your fabulous essential oil blends safely into the bathtub? Then this book might be right up your alley.


Jade said…
I love natasorb! I use it in my bath salts base which I layer with forest conifers, and it soaks the scent up and holds it very well. Good stuff and it's natural(although processed). Love your new header by the way, so pretty!
LisaLise said…
thanks Jade ! You just inspired me to try a few things out with Natrasorb and herbs!