Thursday, January 31, 2013

Case Study - Caffeine for Hair Growth

This all started with a simple question about caffeine and how it might be optimally used as an active ingredient. I wrote about it here.

It is now officially becoming a case study – all because of what you see above. Yeah, I know, it's just my forehead, but there's something very specific I wanted to share with you.

I drew a circle around it.

The new, short hairs inside the circle weren't there before.


There are also numerous new short hairs visible along the front of my forehead.

It would appear that my hairline is advancing!

Why? How?

Since nothing in my daily schedule or eating patterns has changed over the past 2 months, there's only one thing I can attribute to this phenomenon – a new product I have developed and have been testing. It's called Stuart's Formula.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My First Cosmetics Making Memory

I was a teen when I started taking an interest in making cosmetics. It was the scent of beeswax that clinched it. That honey-warm scent was absolutely intoxicating to me.

Lip balms were my first products.

But, being a teen, I was busy with everything at once, so I dabbled. My teachers were books I could find on the subject. Even though this was a time of hippies and 'going natural', none of my friends seemed all that keen on DIY cosmetics, so it was a solo thing.

Just as I was beginning to get serious about emulsions, I packed up and moved across the planet....

All this came up while I was answering these interview questions for Wheels For Women about my first car memory.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

LisaLise Tries Dior

A good friend gave me a Dior lipstick. She didn't go out and buy it just to give it to me (lipstick is hardly ever the kind of thing one gives as a gift, is it?).

My friend bought this for herself. But after bringing it home and using it once, she realized the shade would never be her favorite, so she asked me if I wanted it.

Out of sheer curiosity (and because it was Dior and looked like a shade I would use), I accepted.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Colin's Toners - Your Questions

Wow you guys! I'm amazed at the interest the mini-case-study on creating a skin toner for Colin Sanders has generated!

I've gotten several questions from you, so here's a quick post with my answers:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Manly Mists - Colin's Toner(s)

Objective: create a skin toner for Cosmetic Scientist Colin Sanders – Mr. Beauty Scientist himself! Result: shown above. You're not seeing double, I made two. Even though they have 2 different names, they are 'same-but-different' (read: same active ingredients, but 2 completely different hydrosol bases).

Friday, January 18, 2013

cKc Finishing Spray - Winners Feedback

Let's examine and celebrate curls for a moment.

If curls could decide, they would grab all the moisture they need and keep hold of it – constantly. Every cKc tester and all the curly headed people I have been in contact with tell me the same thing. Whether they are curl type 2a, 4c, or anything in between – curls love moisture.

A while back, I did a little giveaway to let the latest cKc product have a test run on some fresh curls. This spray-on finishing product is designed to seal in moisture and add a bit of shine. It is based on coconut (oil as well as a coconut-based 'silicone') and made entirely of plant based ingredients.

Here's what the winners said.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Formulating for a Formulator - Colin's Toner

Cosmetic scientist Colin Sanders blogs about how different cosmetics ingredients work, discusses the politics of cosmetics, and kindly answers almost any type of beauty query – all with a charming British wit that I have become thoroughly addicted to.

Last week, he offered a few thoughts and questions as to the function of skin toners in this post.

Like Waving a Red Flag at a Bull
I realize full well that some people find skin toners unnecessary to a skin care regime, but personally, I have a hard time dismissing them.

Ok, that was an absolute whopper of an understatement.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

LisaLise and the Coily-Kinky-Curly Challenge

If you happen to look at my profile picture, you may think it a bit odd that I write about curls, coils and kinks. My hair is straight as a stick, easy to care for and – apart from a short bout of thinning at one point – has never really been a problem.

Nevertheless, natural curls and their well being are of great interest to me – and not just on a theoretical level.

Monday, January 7, 2013

DIY Mascara Kit - Alicyn's How To + GIVEAWAY

Alicyn started this whole thing. She has ventured into the world of DIY make-up and decided to start with the mascara kit from Urtegaarden. She had a couple of questions along the way and wrote me. I asked if she would be willing to send me feedback on how it all went.

Alicyn not only sent me feedback, she sent me these fabulous pics, a complete step by step, and topped everything off with a product review!  I had to show everything to Urtegaarden, and they were so pleased they decided to offer a DIY mascara kit as a giveaway!


Giveaway instructions are at the bottom of the post. But first, please enjoy Alicyns fabulous step by step and review. Thank you Alicyn!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Red Clay and Rooibos Cleanser

Happy New Year!  If your New Years Resolution was to start making your own skin cleansers, then maybe this little red clay and rooibos number is a good place to start. Red clay is great for tired, distressed skin (and who couldn't use a pick-me-up in the dead of winter?). Rooibos adds lovely specs of red while offering antioxidant properties (there is an upcoming post on the benefits of rooibos in the making).

Meantime, let's make some skin-loving cleansing and moisturizing magic!