Mascara Kit Winner

The winner of the DIY mascara kit from Urtegaarden has been found!

As Per Usual

Everyone's comment was printed out.

I then asked my non-biased and totally neutral husband to pick the winning name.

Wait! The names have to be turned over and mixed around first...

Ok, now.

(Notice how unbiased his hand is as it carefully pulls out a strip)

And here's the winning name. Congrats to Lori Richards!


Please send your mailing address and I'll pass this vital information to the folks at Urtegaarden so your mascara kit can be packaged and sent to you in the wink of an (un-irritated) eye.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you are up for giving DIY mascara a try, you will find the mascara kit from Urtegaarden  right here


Lori R. said…
WOW! I am very excited about winning. i will seny you my address via Facebook messaging
LisaLise said…
Yay Lori! Congrats on the win! I hope you will enjoy both making and using it. I have used this mascara for years for the same reason you wrote in your comment when you entered.