LisaLise Tries Dior

A good friend gave me a Dior lipstick. She didn't go out and buy it just to give it to me (lipstick is hardly ever the kind of thing one gives as a gift, is it?).

My friend bought this for herself. But after bringing it home and using it once, she realized the shade would never be her favorite, so she asked me if I wanted it.

Out of sheer curiosity (and because it was Dior and looked like a shade I would use), I accepted.

How Long has it Been?

The lipstick sparked off a train of thought. It has been years since I have used a commercially made lipstick – so many, in fact, that I honestly couldn't remember when it last was, nor which brand I used.

Now suddenly, out of the blue, there was genuine Dior lipstick standing on my make-up shelf, looking all pricey and fancy, and just waiting to be experienced.

It stood there a while as I continued to reach past it for my regular lip pencil topped with glossy lip balm. For some reason, I wanted to ease into this. Maybe it was because I couldn't even remember the last time...

Discovering Dior

After deliberating for a few days, I picked it up, uncapped it, and gave the container a twist. Wow. There is a super classy looking imprinted logo right in the actual lipstick! Thumbs up for packaging and design.

I applied a layer. First impression: quite positive. It went on smooth and felt pleasant. I checked the mirror. The color was good.

But then the second impression hit.

The scent.

Vanilla cookies with ... a plastic undertone. Are they serious? I couldn't get it off fast enough.

It would appear lipstick is the one cosmetic I don't automatically sniff before applying. I don't know if Dior uses the same perfume in all of their lipsticks, but this was absolutely not my cup of tea.

And then I remembered why I stopped using commercial make-up and started making my own way back when. Synthetic perfume has always bothered me.

Note to Self...

I made a mental note, then wrote it down in my notebook – just so I don't forget.

Do Tell

Do you use commercial lipstick? Do you mind if it has a scent?


Rikke said…
Hej Lise

Jeg kigger altid længsfuldt after de komercielle produkter. Jeg sukker efter deres eksklusive emballage og duft. Men der VAR jo en grund, til jeg begyndte at lave muine egne plejeprodukter. Og det holder jeg fast i. Jeg elsker, når produkterne dufter og smager godt. Også læbestifterne, men det gør mig samtidg urolig for mit helbred. Så det holer jeg fast i. Jeg skal dog indrømme, at jeg jeg nyder det, når jeg får komercielle produkter som gave, som jeg bruger med forbeholden glæde ;-)

Kh Rikke
LisaLise said…
Hej Rikke.

Tak for dit altid interessant input!

Du og jeg er ikke alene om at have det sådan. Der er utrolig mange der ikke kan tåle det ene eller det andet i kommercielle produkter. (Jeg har fx en del som kunder)

Jeg troede i årevis at jeg var bare 'sippet' når parfumerne generet mig så meget som de gjorde. Hvilken mega stor forandring da jeg besluttede at holde mig langt fra dem. No itching, no headaches, no gener - at all.

Endnu bedre da jeg også lagde de mineralsk-olie baserede produkter på hylden. Porene blev synlig mindre (leder stadig efter tests på mineralsk olie og pore-blocking. Jeg kan da umulig være den eneste)

Jeg falder også altid straks for de flotte indpakninger! (My constant quest: at finde emballage der giver samme lux fornemmelse som det man kan købe fra de fine mærkevarer)

ha' det dejligt

Stephanie said…
I do still use commercial lipstick but haven't purchased any in long time. Mostly using lip-stains with lip gloss over them lately.

I never chose lipsticks based on how they smelled, but I do remember buying but not using a particular one due to it's off-putting scent. I might be tempted to put up with a weird scent if it otherwise scored in every other area... color, texture, longevity, etc. but really, like you, I'd rather not have synthetically scented lipstick at all.
LisaLise said…
Hi Stephanie,
It is soooo nice to know I'm not the only one. I always felt so odd not being able to enjoy commercial make-up because of the perfumes they seem to pour into everything.. even eyebrow pencils (seriously,what's that about?!)
Anonymous said…
There are some brands that bothered me but it wasn't so much the smell as it was how they felt. After repeated use, my lips felt so dry.

I finally came up with something that works for me and has some staying power through some binging on Chai tea - AND my lips don't feel so dry.
LisaLise said…
HI Anon - thanks for sharing - sounds like you've created the perfect product for you - Wonderful!
niecie2k said…
would LOVE to see you try and dupe this!!!!
LisaLise said…
Hi niecie2k - I did actually dupe it and blogged about it here.. if you do a search hopefully the post will come up