cKc Finishing Spray - Winners Feedback

Let's examine and celebrate curls for a moment.

If curls could decide, they would grab all the moisture they need and keep hold of it – constantly. Every cKc tester and all the curly headed people I have been in contact with tell me the same thing. Whether they are curl type 2a, 4c, or anything in between – curls love moisture.

A while back, I did a little giveaway to let the latest cKc product have a test run on some fresh curls. This spray-on finishing product is designed to seal in moisture and add a bit of shine. It is based on coconut (oil as well as a coconut-based 'silicone') and made entirely of plant based ingredients.

Here's what the winners said.

Non-Stop Thumbs Up

Along with the other cKc products Lola and I are developing, this finishing spray has gotten thumbs up from every single curl it has been in contact with.

Along with name suggestions, a few of the testers have been gracious enough to send photos and in-depth reviews on how they used the product – what worked best for them, and well, heck, I'll just let you read it yourself.

THANK YOU wonderful winners for being such thorough testers and allowing me to share your experiences.

Kenya's day 5 hair!!

Kenya: Six Days of Perfection

"My hair has a love/hate relationship with coconut oil. However, used in moderation it is ok.

1. I first used it on an old hairstyle. I remoisturized, clipped the ends, and used the finisher to seal.  I sprayed it all over my hair and then smoothed it in.  The next day my hair was soft. By the end of the day it started to feel a little dry, but it was still really soft.

I decided to try it on washed/damp hair but instead of spraying all over, use 1-2 sprays in my hands and smoothed it in after styling, concentrating mainly on the ends of my hair.

The results: I have had perfect hair for 6 days (see picture, day 5 hair)! I did not have to remoisturize until day 5 AND I only used water and the finisher to do so. I haven't added any other product since my wash day.  

I have terrible hand in hair syndrome and twirl the moisture out of my ends. My ends still feel awesome! 

2. The product is so easy to use. The spray gives you just enough without it being too much.

3. The name I would give it is Perfection, because that is was I got for 6 whole days!!!!"

Shawny: Impressed After 2 Straight Months of Use 

"I've used the product to give my hair shine on 2nd, 3rd, 4th  day, etc
I've used it to seal my hair after twisting
I've used it to seal my WnG

After using it for 2 months I have to say, I am impressed!
It's light, sinks in and doesn't harden my hair."

Suggested names:
Shine me up
Coco Seal

Kel and the Frizz Factor

"How I initally tested the product was to wash my hair, apply the ckc to one side and not put anything in the other, then leave it to dry. (I let it dry naturally, I never use a hairdrier!) 

Kel's defined curls
It was always very apparent which side I had used the cKc product in – the curls were much more defined and separated and less frizzy. On a number of occasions I asked people I knew which side of my hair I had put the product on, and they could always tell. 

I found that if I put it into my hair when it was dry it didnt really have much of an effect (it takes a lot to penetrate my hair when dry – I can't even brush it unless it's wet!)

I tried first spraying the ckc into my hand to apply to my hair as well as straight to the hair.  I've had the best effects when applied directly to my hair and then used my fingers to comb it through to distribute it all over." 

Winner number 4?

I have been informed that winner number 4 has had an unfortunate accident and is struggling with a broken arm. (Feel better soon and heal quickly!) She has – as yet – not been able to test the product properly.

So, What's it Called?

We are in the final steps of selecting the name. Labels are being designed and created. I promise to tell and show all very soon!

Stay tuned!