DIY Mascara Kit - Alicyn's How To + GIVEAWAY

Alicyn started this whole thing. She has ventured into the world of DIY make-up and decided to start with the mascara kit from Urtegaarden. She had a couple of questions along the way and wrote me. I asked if she would be willing to send me feedback on how it all went.

Alicyn not only sent me feedback, she sent me these fabulous pics, a complete step by step, and topped everything off with a product review!  I had to show everything to Urtegaarden, and they were so pleased they decided to offer a DIY mascara kit as a giveaway!


Giveaway instructions are at the bottom of the post. But first, please enjoy Alicyns fabulous step by step and review. Thank you Alicyn!

Required time: about 15 minutes

(It took me longer, but that could be due to taking photos.)
Shelf life: 2 years by normal storage


40 g cream base
18 ml silk black cosmetic pigment

Ingredients in cream base: purified water, castor oil, jojoba oil, Palm wax, vegetable stearin, V-E and M-F fat (edible emulsifier of coconut and lactic acid), vegetable glycerine, molasses alcohol, caragheenan, maltitol, sodium benzoate and vitamin E


piston syringe, 10 ml
rubber hose
wooden stick


3 mascara

In addition, you'll need

a small bowl


1. Put all the cream in the bowl.

2. Add color and mix with spatula until the whole is well mixed. (There were still a few tiny lumps when I decided to stop mixing.)

3. Insert rubber tubing at the tip of the measuring syringe. Use the wooden stick to fill mascara mass in syringe. (This was the most difficult and time-consuming part. I think instead of scooping tiny amounts with a popsicle stick I would spoon/scrape the mascara from the bowl to something like an icing bag and squeeze that into the syringe. Or use a funnel on top of the syringe so that less precision is required in the process.)

4. When the syringe is filled, insert the plunger gently and push the mascara into the tube, starting at the bottom.

5. Fill with mascara to about 1 cm from the opening. There should be a little room for the brush. (I had another mascara container in addition to the three from the kit, and a little more mascara than would fit in three containers.)

6. Set the black holster into the opening of the tube, then screw on the lid with the brush.

Left: one coat    Right: 3 coats

Personal notes

I really like how it doesn’t clump, even with many coats. It’s also very easy to remove, no lost eyelashes like when I’ve removed other (even green/clean) mascaras. I like that the eyelashes still feel soft, even with three coats of mascara. However, I’m lazy and I usually rely on mascara alone to curl my lashes, which is not possible with this one.

Step by step how to, photos and review by Alicyn Henkhaus.

Are you ready to give DIY mascara a try?

Enter the Urtegaarden Mascara Kit Giveaway!

Urtegaarden has promised to send to anywhere in the world, so this giveaway is open to everybody!

Drop a comment below with your name before January 14 at 12:00 Copenhagen time.
(that was pretty easy, eh?)

The winner will be chosen at random and announced right here on January 15.

Good luck all!


Elena Vo said…
Would love to try making my own mascara, how fun!
Kerli said…
Oh, wow! Wow wow wow!

fingers crossed!
Iben said…
Vi vil rigtig gerne prøve, min datter og
Pemberley Jones said…
I would love to give this a try! Mascara has been on my DIY wish list for a while! :)
Anonymous said…
I would love soft eyelashes!
Lori Richards said…
I would love to try a mascara that would not irritate my eyes. I have forgone using it for this reason.
GretchenH said…
This sounds great. I haven't used mascara in such a long time Because of irritation I forgot what it looked like on..
mary said…
Would love to try this!
Francine said…
This looks great, i would love to give it a try!
Vivian S. said…
Never knew u could make your own mascara! Awesome :)
Julia C said…
My name is Julia C and I would absolutely love this!! :D
an ika said…
I would love to try this

p said…
Great tutorial! I would love to try this! I find it fascinating that the mascara base is simply a cream, and I'd love to get a feel for this cream as a start toward eventually formulating my own mascara from scratch. :)