Sustainable Cosmetics Containers Are Here

While the entire world of natural skincare companies of all sizes have been screaming for sustainable containers (myself included), an innovative young couple in Finland have been paying close attention and quietly working on a solution that they are getting ready to announce to the world. And here's a little sneak preview!

In my hand: a 100% natural cosmetics container - crafted in Finland.

Everything about these containers is sustainable.

And here's the best news: Novapuu (the producers) have no MOQ.

Are you jumping up and down yet?


I was so thrilled about this concept, I ordered a few to give them a test run. Meantime, I popped a picture of a container on my Instagram feed and immediately got so many reactions I had to contact the company owner, Teemu Kylämäki and ask if he would tell me a bit more about their products.

He kindly agreed, so here's an exclusive interview with the story behind Novapuu's all-natural cosmetics containers.

Pictured: the Novapuu team, Teemu and Veera.

Welcome Teemu, and thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Can you tell me how you got the idea to make cosmetics containers from raw wood?

As the ecological way of life grows and companies are more focused on zero waste, we kept thinking it should be possible to package products in wooden jars. I am a carpenter and my fiancée has her own web-shop that sells ecological products such as natural cosmetics, so the connection was there to begin with.

There is a Finnish cosmetics brand we have done a lot of work with. In the beginning we manufactured ecological wooden soap dishes and boxes for them, but as our relationship grew we wanted to do more. That's when we started our company Novapuu and the manufacturing of cosmetic containers.

How are the containers made? 

We use certified pine from a PEFC-certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) supplier. This certifies the wood is traceable and originates from a sustainably managed forest.

We personally select each piece of timber we use to make our cosmetics containers based on the density of its growth rings. We do this to ensure that the wood grade and durability meets the high quality requirements we have set for these products.

We use a CNC-machine to work the containers in a board and after that, we cut them out one by one (if the machine cut them, they would be flying all around). After this, we finish each container by hand. Machine working leaves ''wood hairs'', so we have to whet them one by one with sandpaper (every side, tops & bottoms).

Also we must remember that wood lives just as the nature does, so it will expand when wet and shrink when dry. Sometimes the tops may feel a bit tight or loose. Containers should be stored and handled dry at room temperature.

Our manufacturing facilities adhere to EU Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), meaning they are suitable for use as food packaging materials. We comply with occupational safety requirements and monitor the manufacturing process of each product very carefully.

You mentioned the containers had been tested with cosmetics—could you explain a bit more? 

We tested our cosmetic containers with the Finnish cosmetic brand mentioned before. They used our jars for multiple different handmade creams, mostly based on shea butter.

Our jars were also examined by a Finnish chemical specialist company where the material was analyzed along with the production process and environment.

After that, another bioscience laboratory (abroad) inspected the final product and confirmed the findings of the Finnish company – these jars are compatible with waterless cosmetics with an ideal use-by date of 6 months.

Cosmetics containers are generally disinfected before filling - how is this done with your containers? Are you considering adding some kind of lining such as beeswax or some other cosmetically-compatible material?

Disinfection is not necessary, since pine is antibacterial and kills bacteria on its surface. We considered lining, but it has not been necessary.

Also, it would make the final product more expensive.

Our products are vegan friendly, so beeswax would be out of the question as a lining material, but if someone wants lining, it is possible to do.

Please share which sizes you offer and how your containers can be purchased.

Currently we offer two sizes, 35ml and 50ml and for now, we take orders only by email

We don't have any minimum order quantities on these sizes, but if someone wants a different or personalized size, the MOQ is 100 pieces.

Thank you, Teemu!
Wishing you, your fiancé, and Novapuu the greatest success.


Novapuu Cosmetics Containers of Finland


Ilhem said…
OMG Lise, what a great find! Thank you so much for sharing!
LisaLise said…
Thank you Ilhem! I cannot take credit for finding them on my own as it was a lovely lady who commented on a Facebook post and linked me to the company. :)
Kelli said…
This is so great! I have been scouring the internet for years searching for something like this!
LisaLise said…
Hi Kelli — You and a slew of others - myself included :)
Unknown said…
That's so wonderful - I was walking around with this for a long time - now I'm happy they did it. I would love to give them a try
Virginia Peters said…
Thank you so much for sharing - I hope they expand and create any more products.
LisaLise said…
Hi Virginia — I just ordered some in a larger size — write them and ask 😁