LisaLise Reviews 2018

My goodness it has been an eventful year! Let's do a quick rundown to see if we can figure out how it managed to disappear in the mere inkling of a moment, shall we?

Taking stock has left me a little breathless; so much has happened! 

Five New Publications

It has been my distinct pleasure to release five publications this year. 

(insert OMG face) 

When I looked back to tally everything up for this article, I was a little bowled over at how many. 

To be fair, I had been working on most of these books from the year before (and some are way bigger than others), but every one has been sheer pleasure to do.

They have all been so well received and I would like to thank each and every one of you who purchased one or more of my books. You have all been fabulous about giving me feedback too (and thank you for being patient while I try and figure out how to set up a review function on my website). 

Those of you who have taken the time and trouble to contact me with feeback: I appreciate and thank you for every email and message! You warm my heart!

Here's this years E-book line-up 
  1. Three Extracts Guide
  2. Guide to Hiring a Cosmetics Formulator
  3. The Art of Making Glycerites for Cosmetics
  4. Make Your Own Preservative Free Cosmetics With 21 Ingredients
  5. Make Your Own Naturally Balanced Shampoo Bars

Collab With a Fab Colleague

The publication that involved most giggling, excitement, and spontaneous inspirational formulating was the Shampoo Bar book: a collab with my wonderful colleague from Formulators Kitchen: Rebecca Wright.

We have been getting all kinds of positive feedback from you who have bought it and there have been many! If this had been a hard copy book, we might have used the expression flying off the shelves, but we can't, so suffice to say this book has been super popular and thank you all for badgering Rebecca and I to make it!

And thinking back on all the fun we had, I think I can safely say this won't be the last book we do together.  

Roots Formulating and Hurdle Technology

My cosmetics-making path has been moving 'back to the roots' in more ways than one. Apart from getting up close and personal with more herbs and botanicals, I've also been exploring 'alternative preservation methods' using hurdle technology.

This has resulted in numerous interesting discoveries, among these: a 100% botanical and preservative-free deodorant for green purists. The formula (actually, 3 formulas) are included in the book Make Your Own Preservative Free Cosmetics With 21 Ingredients

Another interesting and still ongoing test is my 'Hurdle Butter' (pictured below). This emulsifier-and-preservative-free-cream includes a generous content of water, yet continues to be stable after 12 full months.

Here is an updated photo: taken in November. The product now has the same color regardless of how it has been stored (refrigerated or room temp).

Here is the first time I wrote about Hurdle Butter.

Meeting Cosmetics Folks IRL - OMG! 

The Formula Botanica Conference was a highlight to be sure.

Getting to meet so many fabulous people face to face was such a treat! I think the words exhilarating, energizing, electrifying and fabulous come pretty close to describing the London experience.

And while there, it was my pleasure to spend an evening with Marie from Humblebee and Me. We laughed, we cried, we talked emulsifiers, preservatives, and pigments! It was nonstop cosmetics-shop-talk magic (and my accompanying hubby was a pillar of patience throughout). 

Plant Based Make-up

This has been ongoing for quite a while now, but I haven't wanted to bore you with all the fails (there have been quite a few). Creating a collection of 100% plant based makeup has proven to be a rather huge challenge, but I intend to finish.

Just a bit more tweaking needed here and there (that's what I said at end of 2017 and find myself repeating at end of 2018). Happily, this work is so inspirational and fun, it's hard not to remain excited about it.

Stay tuned for more plant based makeup. There's definitely more to come.

You, Wonderful You

Throughout all this, you have been sticking with me offering inspiration with your wonderful comments and questions. Thank you for signing up for my newsletter, following me on Instagram, adding a comment and likes to my Facebook page, and sending me messages and mails with your kindness and your love. I hope you will want to stick around next year where we will be looking at more roots formulating, continuing our vinegar in cosmetics series and learning even more about the fabulous properties of the botanicals that surround us.

In the Works for Next Year

Formulators Kitchen

The team at Formulators Kitchen has a few exciting things planned that it's a bit too early to talk about yet, but I promise to reveal all as soon as we are ready! If you have a skincare business, I think you will find it very interesting!

More Publications

It's also too early to reveal what's in the works in the way of new publications, but there are a few things on the way that I hope you love to pieces. I'm already a little girly-squeal excited.

Do Tell

What exciting projects do you have planned for the New Year? Please share in a comment below.