When Testing Surpasses Everything You Expected

Pictured: a batch of whipped 'hurdle butter' made on the same day, but stored at 2 different temperatures.

You: What's hurdle butter?
Me: I'm so thrilled you asked! Read on and I shall explain.

Storage Rundown

One of these pots has been stored in my ingredients refrigerator (at a steady temperature of around 10º C / 50º F) and the other has been standing around at room temperature (around 21º C – 26º C / 70º F – 79º F).

This picture was taken about 1 month after the batch was made.

That's some time ago now: mid December 2017 to be more exact.

It's 'Just' Research

I didn't make this product to use it. I made it specifically to test if storage temperature influences the shelf life of this specific formula and production method.

It's research.

These 2 pots have been subject to regular peering, sniffing, photographing, and a bit of poking.

I started out with a single question but have been so blown away by this test, new questions keep piling up.

According to all that is normal, this product should have gone wonky months ago.

But both versions are still going strong.

And now, after 7 Months

The pic just above shows what they looked like in mid-June of this year. The room temp version has (visibly) been dipped into (with fingers) and the refrigerated version has had a bit removed with a small spatula to test on skin. Both have the same lovely feel. As you can see, the colour is no longer all that different in the 2.

Now, here comes the really fun part.

This product contains both (a healthy percentage of) water and fats, has no emulsifier, and no addition of preservative.

Yet it has not separated or gone bad.

In fact, it smells, looks, and feels quite like it did the day I made it over 6 months ago.

You: how the heck?

Me: I know, right?!

Hence the Name, Hurdle Butter

This test is an exercise in hurdle technology, so it was a bit of a no-brainer for me to name it hurdle butter. 

If you want a little more information and explanation as to what hurdles have to do with anything cosmetics related, check this post (and the links at the bottom).

As soon as testing of this batch is finished, I promise to reveal a bit more, but for now, I couldn't help sharing this with you.

I am more than a little excited about how this particular combination of ingredients and production method is performing.

Do Tell

Would you have imagined a product with lots of water and fats could stay stable for over 6 months without emulsifiers or preservative? Please share in a comment below.


Unknown said…
Hi Lisa, I think you got the rigth proportion of each ingredient of your formula and this help to stay stable all this time, but also now you know the temperatures that doesnt affect the product.
Febe said…
OMG! I am really looking forward to reading more about hurdle technology. This sounds amazing!
LisaLise said…
HI Ana - Thanks for your comment. This was a bit of a complicated process that involved many factors, but you are absolutely right in the storage temperature not making any difference in product stability. :)
LisaLise said…
HI Febe - I know! I am a little blown away here too! :)
Lisa said…
So how has it stayed together with no emulsifier? That’s blowing my mind......Never mind, no preservative, no going off despite fingers dip....what is this witchcraft you perform 🤣🤔
Rebecca said…
Hey Lise. I remember trying this when I visited you and was quite amazed at the water level. You were telling me you were thinking about getting it tested. Did you do it in the end?
LisaLise said…
Hi Rebecca!

Ihaven’t had it lab tested - so I can’t 100% categorically tell you there is no bacteria. HOWEVER you saw that there was enough water content to cause some fungi and yet there is still nothing!

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the whole thing and want to keep monitoring it with the room temp and refrigerator storage a bit longer while I start a few new batches, but it has really surpassed even my wildest!
LisaLise said…
Hi Lisa — it’s blowing my mind a little too! 😃
Rebecca said…
I too am surprised but I do remember the skin feel and I was surprised by that too as it was very light and absorbed easily but with the viscosity of a cold cream...it's an interesting experiment for sure.
Unknown said…
I'm still surprised 😱
Like is it possible when there's water added?
LisaLise said…
Hi NG Styles — you and me both! I’m amazed at how well this is performing and yes indeedy there is a healthy portion of water.