Lasting Impressions from the Formula Botanica 2018 Conference

When anyone can put together a program of non-stop fascinating and inspiring speakers and gather a whole lot of folks who are all equally passionate about making green cosmetics, then count me in!

This year, I was flattered to be invited to attend the 2018 Formula Botanica Conference as a special guest, and spent a weekend in London listening to inspiring talks and panel discussions, meeting talented people, seeing all kind of green skincare products, and networking.

Personal Highlights

Every speaker was inspiring, but I simply couldn't help getting a little fan-girl giddy over hearing the world's leading expert on essential oils speak. Robert Tisserand of Tisserand Institute did not disappoint, and it was an extra bonus to hear him mention a few things I have been ranting about for a while (over here in my little corner of the green cosmetics world).

Joe Nasr of Avicenna Herbal Products spoke passionately about floral waters, aromatic waters, and hydrosols, different distillation processes and materials. As a long-time hydrosol junkie, I was literally hanging on his every word.

Melinda Coss - an established mentor who offers masterclasses for entrepreneurs - spoke of the importance of a zen approach to starting a green beauty business. Although that headline may sound a little grass-roots hippie-like, her message was not only insightful, but packed with her own lifelong experience of what it takes to make a successful business. It was a real treat to finally meet her in person.

Meeting Marie from Humblebee and Me

It was a huge pleasure to meet Marie from Humblebee and Me. What a multi-talented and creative soul she is.  We had an absolutely lovely chat and she let me try her natural lotion (and final project from her Formula Botanica course). It was gorgeous, light and with a beautiful scent. Her product demonstrated a real command of creating a well functioning viscosity with scent to match.

Kudos to you, Marie, and thank you for being such excellent company!

Selfies and an Interview

So many fabulous people came up to me asking for a selfie and I am embarrassed to admit I forgot to take very many myself. Happily, many have been kind enough to tag me when sharing their own on Instagram.

At one point during the weekend, the folks at Formula Botanica asked me if I would be willing to do a short interview. Never having done an interview on camera, I thought nothing of agreeing.

Have you ever been interviewed on camera? It's not at all the same as being interviewed online. Allow me to share what it feels like to have a camera 'looking at you' while you are asked questions and expected to look relaxed and in full command of what you are replying.

Interviewer: Interesting question
Me: blah blah blah blah, blah blaaaah

Interviewer: Additional pertinent and interesting question
Me: blah blah blah-dee-blah. Was that ok?

Interviewer: Final interesting question
Me: Yada yada blah blah

I do believe the whole interview was over a mere moment after it started and am looking forward to seeing what I said and hope there was some semblance of coherency in my replies.

The Lasting Impressions

You might be wondering what all those products pictured above have to do with a conference. They are just a small selection of products created by Formula Botanica students and graduates that managed to make their way through airport security and all the way home with me safely.

I am slowly working my way through these, but so far, I have been very impressed with both quality and performance. If you want to learn more about the individual products, visit these links.

Pure Savvy
Casa Mencarelli
Flower and Spice
Bare Faced Skin
Awareness Organics
Feryaal Skincare (Instagram link)
Kalabash Bodycare
Anna B Cosmetics 

Do Tell

Were you at the conference this year? Please leave a comment and say hello!


Lisa said…
Hi. Great write up. Robert Tisserand, what a dude, great presentation from him. So relaxed, knowledgeable and generous in sharing information.

I was there but didn't get time to say hi. Sorry. Next time.
LisaLise said…
Hi Lisa! Thanks for commenting — I just checked your site and love your approach. Keep up
the good work!