How to: Green Shampoo Bars with Horsetail

Now that we know all about horsetail powder and have prepared some for use, let's get busy making green shampoo bars!


Phase A Ingredients

Mango butter: 9 gr / 0.32 oz

Phase B Ingredients

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI): 33.5 gr / 1.18 oz
Sodium Coco Sulfate: 30 gr / 1.06 oz
Demineralised Water: 19.5 gr / 0.69 oz

Phase C Ingredients

Panthenol: 2 gr / 0.07 oz
Nettle Powder: 2 gr / 0.07 oz
Horsetail Powder: 2 gr / 0.07 oz
Shikake Powder: 2 gr / 0.07 oz


1. Melt phase A ingredient slowly over low heat
2. Remove from heat
3. Add Phase B ingredients and mix well

4. Add Phase C ingredients and mix well. The mixture will become a dough-like mass.

5. Press into molds and chill for approximately half an hour

6. Unmold and let dry at room temperature until hardened.

Note: These bars take longer to harden than most. This batch took a couple of weeks to harden but the upside was a glorious fresh green scent while drying.


Questions You've Asked about Shampoo Bars

About Use

A couple of you have asked if it is OK to use a shampoo bar as soap. Absolutely! They're great as guest soaps. I use a loofah-sponge-pot-scrubber as a soap dish (rest the bar on the loofah side so the bar can dry).

About pH

I've had a few questions about the pH of the shampoo bars posted here (you guys are the best for asking pertinent and relevant questions!). Both this bar and the previous bar have a pH of 6.5.

About Preservatives

A couple of folks have also asked me about the water content and no preservative. There is no preservative in this formula because the water disappears from the product as it hardens, morphing it into a water-free product. Cool, huh?

Do Tell

Have you made shampoo bars? What are your fave ingredients?


Kay F. said…
What’s the purpose of the water?
Lise M Andersen said…
Hi Kay - The water helps bind everything together and make a moldable ‘dough’ - it disappears as the bar hardens.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Lisa!

What can be a good alternative to Sodium Coco Sulfate? I'm afraid it's just not available where I'm from.

Thank you very much!

Lise M Andersen said…
HI Angela, Have you tried googling this ingredient under the 'shopping tag'? I'm pretty sure it's available worldwide. You might try Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate or sodium cocoyl glutamate although you will need to do adjusting of the other ingredients. You could also do the bar with SCI exclusively, but will again need to do a bit of adjusting with the other ingredients. Best of luck with it!
T. cornell said…
Curious if the SCI you use in the noodle form or the powder form in this recipe? If the powder form, isn't that the type of SCI that contains Stearic Acid?
Lise M Andersen said…
Hey there T Cornell — The SCI I used here is a granulated powder and the INCI is just as you see written in the photo up there. :)
Dear Lise, Can you share where you purchased your sodium coco sulfate in powdered form? I seem to only be able to find it in noodle form?
Lise M Andersen said…
Hi Shack on the Rock - Speaking from memory here as I have been trying a few different suppliers out, but check Galaxy Surfactants or Innospec. But you can use the noodle form as well - no worries!