cKc Giveaway - Try it, Then Name it!

All right curlies, Lola and I need your help. A while back, I asked you to name this product. It is a finishing product especially formulated for coils, kinks and curls, designed to seal in moisture and add a touch of gloss. Lola and a couple of the cKc testers have been giving it a whirl, and they're all loving it bigtime.

But let's be honest, It is incredibly unfair to ask people to name a product they haven't even tried.

Just plain downright unfair.

There's only one way to solve this. Let's get this product into the hands (and heads) of some curlies!

It's a Simple List of Ingredients

I know you're curious, so here's what's in this – as yet – nameless product.
Fractionated Coconut Oil, Plant-based silicone, squalane, e-vitamin. There is no added scent or color. It's as basic, natural and simple as it gets.

Would you like to give it a go? Well all righty then! But there are a few requirements.

Requirements for Testing the Unnamed Finishing Product

You have curls, kinks, and/or coils
You are willing to try a brand new finishing product that adds gloss and seals in moisture
You are willing to send Lola and I some feedback on how it works for you
You are willing to suggest a name (or 2) for it

If you fulfil and can accept these stringent requirements, then please drop a comment before  Oct 20 at 12:00 noon (Copenhagen time).

We are looking for 4 curlies to help Name this Product

All names will be randomly picked by my utterly neutral and unbiased husband, and the winners will be posted right here on Oct. 21.

Good luck!


Shawnystheone said…
ooh me me me!!!!
Shawnystheone said…
Uh in my haste, am I suppose to leave my comments first lolol?

I am a curl kink and coily girl

Im willing to try ANY new products, can you smell product junkie on me?

I'd love to share feedback, what fun is try and not saying?

Depending on how it works and what it should do I can think of some cool names ?

Should I suggest names now or if im chosen?
LisaLise said…
Hi Shawneystheone. I love your enthusiasm! No, you don't need to try and name the product until you've tried it :)
Anonymous said…
My comments don't seem to post to most of these... and I haven't the time to trouble shoot it. Haven't been able to figure it out for AGES.

The product sounds good.

First thought on a name
Loving It Big Time, CKC



Stephanie said…
Throw my name in the hat! I'd love to give your finishing product a test drive!
Yumzi said…
Sure I would love to try it and name it :)
CurlyAndLovely said…
What a great giveaway/opportunity! I fulfill all requirements and would love to give this product a try as well as provide feedback.
This comment has been removed by the author.

*flails arm wildly*

pick me ! Lol. I definitely meet all of those requirements. I've been following the cKc posts very closely. This would be such a fun opportunity!
Sorry, had some typos in my previous comment and deleted it. Lol I was too excited and didn't read over my post again before pushing post comment. Blame my happy fingers.. lol
Kenya H.H. said…
Ooh, pick me! I would love to try it!
G said…
I have a friend who would love to try this, can I win it for her as a surprise? Not only would she love it for her hair, she would be good at naming it too!!
LisaLise said…
Hi G- yes, we can accomodate your wishes if you are chosen as winner :)
Larissa said…
I'd love to try this!
annelise said…
Hi Lise- I love my curls! But it can be a nightmare I have never fund a hair product. That is a WOW !
And I can say This is IT !!!
I would love to try your new product . It could be the The Magic ! WOW!!!
Caitie said…
I've actually been looking for a great product for my curly hair, so I'd love the chance to try it! I'm more than willing to give feedback and suggest names (though no promises on how good they'll be!)
Unknown said…
I have crazy curly hair and I'm always looking for just the right thing for it, so I'd love to try this!
(I'm in the UK though - I don't know if your looking for curlyheads from anywhere in particular?)

Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Well, I love testing things out and providing feedback. I also fit the requirements. I know I can come up with some names for your product! Sounds like fun!