How to make an Oatmeal and Yellow Clay Cleanser

I know a very sweet lady who loves these cleansers but 'can't be bothered making them herself', so she asks me to do it. Because she is a huge fan of both the yellow clay cleanser and this oatmeal one, I decided to create a combination cleanser and 5-minute mask for her sensitive skin. This will also work well for normal and combination skin.

This recipe will make 200gr = 2 bars or 1 bar and 1 tray of 'guest soaps'.

Oatmeal and Yellow Clay Cleanser Ingredients List

30 gr (1 oz) white clay
30 gr (1 oz) yellow clay
20 gr (0,7 oz) 'pulverized' oats (whiz in a blender)
25 ml (0,8 fl. oz) castor oil
55 ml (1,8 fl. oz) almond oil
44 gr (1,5 oz) cocoa butter
40 gr (1,4 oz) shea butter

Melt the cocoa butter slowly over low heat. Just before it is completely melted, remove from heat, add shea and stir until melted.

Add oils and – if you want to do the layering – divide the mixture.

Note: You can easily mix everything together in one container – the cleansing and moisturizing effect with be the same (but obviously, the look won't).
Add the yellow clay to one half and the oatmeal and white clay to the other half. Stir until everything is well mixed.

First Layer

Pour a thin layer of the white clay mixture into your mold. Let set in the refrigerator for a few minutes.

Middle and Final Layers

Add all of the yellow clay mixture, place in the refrigerator until almost set, then finish with the remaining white clay mixture.
Cool until completely set.



Wrap in paper towel, place in an airtight bag or container and store in the refrigerator until use. There are 2 reasons for storing like this:
1. There are no preservatives these bars, which is fine in anhydrous (water-free) products if they stay completely dry until use. The paper towel helps keep the product dry.
2. The airtight container helps keep the product fresh and free of refrigerator smells.

Method of Use 

For one application to face and neck you will need approx half a teaspoon of product (I use half of 1 heart for 1 application).

Wet your face and neck thoroughly (don't be afraid to splash on the water – it helps activate the clay)

Soften the bar by rubbing it between your palms. Apply to your face and neck, keeping the area around the eyes free. Wet your hands again and gently massage the face and neck area. This will function as a moisturizing mask if you leave the mixture on for about 5-10 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Finish with an alcohol-free skin tonic (A spritz of hydrosol is ideal). You may find your skin is so deliciously smooth that you don't need to apply a moisturizer. A light layer of face oil is usually enough for me.


Anette Kristine said…
Er vild med dine DIY-guides - og er også gået tilbage på de to links og set de konkrete opskrifter. Mit spørgsmål er, om vand kan fjerne cleanseren fuldstændig eller om der stadig sidder en oliefilm på huden fra sheasmør og sød mandelolie?
LisaLise said…
Hej Anette! tak for spørgsmål - som er super relevant! Det er netop en helt anden fornemmelse at bruge disse bars. Du har ret i at huden er efterladt med en slags film - selv efter at man har skyllet. Hvis man ikke syntes om 'olie-fornemmelsen', kan man i stedet bruge en fugtig vaskeklud til at rense produktet af. I begge tilfælde er huden både renset og fugtet.
Titanium Wild said…
Hi Lise

Yet another lovely looking product, I bet the oatmeal makes this feel amazing in use.

When I have a moment this week I'm going to be having a go, although I'll use bentonite as I don't have any yellow clay.

Take care

Beth x
LisaLise said…
Hey there Beth . Thanks for your kind words! These bars will work with bentonite as well, and your'e right about these feeling fab with the oatmeal. have fun with it!
Vanessa said…
Hi Lise, do you think adding a few drops of essential oil would work or should I not bother as it is a product that you rinse off??
LisaLise said…
Hey there Vanessa - Yes you can add essential oils! Go for it! :)
Unknown said…

I was wondering the shelf life of the cleansing bars? They seem a soft texture and without a hardening agent such as beeswax.

Would these keep without refrigeration and if so, how long for?

Your recipes are awesome!
Thank you so much!
LisaLise said…
Hey there 'Hydro', I'd recommend using them within a month if they are not refrigerated and not otherwise exposed to moisture/water.
Jennifer said…
Hi Lisa,

Can I add beeswax to this to harden it some more so it'll last longer without dissolving?
LisaLise said…
Hi Jennifer - the beeswax will indeed help it harden but might be uncomfortable to use. You might try using a larger percentage of hard butter and maybe even introduce kokum butter to your mix — it’s a very hard butter that might be worth trying. Best of luck with it!