2 Minute Honey Mask Feedback

I've gotten hooked. I'm hooked on honey. Not to eat, mind you – although I am a fan of that too – but applying it to the face and neck and leaving it there for a bit.

The Daily Fix

It's become a daily thing. The 2-minute honey mask has just effortlessly slipped right into my daily routine without as much as a hiccup.

She's Totally Lost It

Before you start shaking your head in disbelief and thinking 'she's totally lost it', allow me to introduce you to a couple of quick facts.
- Honey is antibacterial (battles problem skin)
- Honey is antisceptic (battles problem skin)
- Honey tones and moisturizes the skin 
There's more too (see the link at the bottom)

It's Not Just Me

There are other ladies (and gents) out there that know what I mean. Not only are they applying honey to their faces, some of them have even dumped their commercial brand facial cleansers and replaced them with – you guessed it – honey.

Take Rikke (the lovely lady on the left). Aside from being a master at artful crocheting (check out her fruit, cupcakes, and even princess crown!), Rikke started putting honey on her face about the same time I did. We've been comparing notes. Here's what she wrote me the other day.

"Every time I use this mask my skin feels fresh, clear and supple – I'm not sure what it is, but I feel like I'm getting addicted to putting honey on my face. My skin has never felt so deeply cleansed before."

See? It's not just me.

Gwaaan, I Dare Ya!

Are you well and truly curious now? Want to try for yourself? Then check out how easy it is to do right here. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who tried this every day for 1 week that didn't feel a positive difference in their skin (as well as those who did)!


Anna-Vera said…
I used to do honey masks all the time. Don't really know why I stopped - like you and Rikke both said, it leaves your skin feeling great!
I think I'll start again. Thanks for the reminder :)
LisaLise said…
Yay! Another member of the honey club! Do you use cold slung honey? (same as raw honey)
Rikke said…
You got me right Lisa :-)
LiisK said…
Honey masks are common - every time ladies go to sauna they usually take their sauna-honey with them. We have the product sold in stores http://www.meveda.ee/products/saunahoney.html or this store: http://www.ecooil.ee/index.php?id=112, on the English page they only sell oils for woodwork but Estonian pages have listed saunamesi too :D
Kerli said…
I've used honey as a face mask for years now. I especially like it when it's mixed with cinnamon. What a wonderful scent AND taste. (yes, i tend to lick it a little bit :D)
LisaLise said…
@Liis - how cool is that?! Thanks for the links and info!
@Kerli - You are way ahead of me! I am intrigued by the cinnamon addition.. (and totally understand why you have to taste) :)