LisaLise Shower Shaker Tip

Above - a pink shower shaker I wrote a bit more about right here

I've got a little tip to share with you today.

Lump Avoidance

Someone asked me recently if there was anything that could be done about the mixture of their shower shaker clumping up.

Lumping happens partly due to the addition of the fat (grated cocoa butter and/or essential oils) and the fact that the shower shaker lives in a humid environment. It's practically begging for lumps.

Well, there's help to be had!

The secret to keeping your scrub lump free is to add some Natrasorb to the mixture - whether you are using essential oils or not.

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Laurie said…
Yes it has caught on. Shower shakers are a regular occurrence for me. At least until the weather has got a bit cooler! I have reused an old herb container which has lovely big holes in it. Gave it a good clean and sanitise and ready to go! This one looks lovely. A bit of a hibiscus fan at the moment.
LisaLise said…
HI Laurie - Ooh the hibiscus sounds fabulous-- I need to do more with it! :D