How to: Pre-Shampoo Hair and Scalp Treatment

After discovering both how my scalp and hair thrive with a light application of oil prior to washing, I started researching different oils, additional ingredients, methods, and hair-loving herbs to expand on this simple but surprisingly effective treatment.

Among other ingredients, coconut oil, my own infused chili oils, and (my latest love), nigella seed oil have been tested and approved.

If you're thinking 'what a waste to rinse off an expensive oil like nigella seed!',  I don't blame you. I thought that too before I tried it. However, if you have even the slightest tendency to itchy scalp, then try giving this wonderful oil a whirl and see if you don't agree it's a winner.

During all of this research and testing and falling in love with more and more ingredients, it occurred to me recently to combine my favorites into one product.

Sometimes the blatantly obvious takes a bit of time to reach my consciousness. (insert giggle)

Today, I'm going to share my current fave ingredients combo for pre-shampoo oil treatment for sensitive scalp.

Ingredients Needed

Nigella Seed oil
Coconut Oil
Chili-infused oil of choice (check the links below for info)


  1. Weigh up equal parts of each ingredient.
  2. Combine by stirring. If the coconut oil is solid, warm it up until melted (this can easily be done by placing the oil in a container and placing the container on your hand. Coconut oil has a very low melting point so the heat of your hand should be enough to soften and melt the oil)
  3. Transfer the mixture to your container of choice

I'm testing a squeezy bottle with an applicator top for this batch (shown at the top of this post).

To Use

  1. Apply to the scalp and work through the hair and massage scalp until evenly distributed.
  2. Allow to sit for 15-30 minutes
  3. Apply shampoo (cleanser, or whatever you wash your hair with), then wet hair
  4. Lather up and rinse out.

If you have fine, short hair (like me), you only need about half a teaspoon.
For longer, thicker hair you may need up to as much as a tablespoon, but if you are unsure, start with less rather than more.

If your hair is dripping oil after application, then you were far too generous dosing out product.  Your hair should look like it is wet, but not drip oil.

I find I have no need of conditioner when using my pre-poo treatment.

TIP: Because there is chili-infused oil in this mixture, do not allow near the eyes and be extra careful when rinsing out. Because of the chili oil and possible eye irritation, this product is NOT recommended for children.

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Do Tell

Do you use a pre-shampoo treatment? What's your favorite?

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Gladys said…
Oh yes...I use oil scalp treatment, massage the head and leave on for 15 mins or longer whenever I have itchy scalps or dandruff. I shampoo off as usual and it helps to normalize hair scalp oil secretion. Excellent for blood circulation, reduce inflammation, stimulate hair growth.
LisaLise said…
Hi Gladys - isn't it great when relatively simple DIY solutions can make such a positive and effective difference?
jewels said…
I'm wondering why you chose chilli and not another infused oil such as rosemary?
jewels said…
I'm wondering why you chose Chili and not something like rosemary?
LisaLise said…
Hi Jewels -- if you do a search on this blog for chili you'll see why i chose this ingredient. I ,love rosemary for hair and scalp too and like to switch things up a bit. :)