LisaLise's Danish Holiday Edibles

The holiday season is here which means 2 things: fairy lights and candles are required to create a cozy mood and stave away the darkness, and goodies are required – because they just are.

Make Your Own Natural Goodies to Eat

We won't be talking about skincare or making skincare today, but taking a serious look at goodies – the kind of goodies we can make to put in the face instead of on the face.

Seeing as I am a Scandinavian, that means there are a couple of Scandinavian treats on the program.

Below are a few links to previous posts (and one is a guest post at another blog), but common to them all is they are 100% edible, sweet, and delicious.

Danish Pepper Cookies

Our first treat is pictured below: traditional Danish pepper cookies (yes, they really include pepper). Mind you, most Danes only add a smidgeon of pepper, but after tasting a home made version that was rich in pepper, no longer was the store bought version peppery enough for my taste. There's a link to the recipe below this pic. 

Click here for the recipe for my version of traditional Danish Pepper Cookies

Danish Raspberry Slices

Below: These are not traditional holiday treats, but they are quintessentially Danish and commonly available at every baker shop around the entire country. (insert little snicker because Denmark is not a very big place and it only takes about 5 hours to drive from one end of the country to the other). Nevertheless, Denmark is a country of bakers and we do enjoy our pastries and baked goods.

These cookies are called 'hindbær snitter' in Danish which roughly translates to 'raspberry slices'. Link to the recipe is below the pic.

Click here to get the recipe for traditional Danish Raspberry Slices (guest post at Chow and Chatter)

LisaLise's (Healthy) Raw Food Candies

Finally, these raw food candies are both healthy and fun to make. Although it wouldn't be quite fair to call them diet food, they are the kind of delicious you can enjoy with an (almost) clear conscience. There is no added sugar, but every bite is packed full of sweetness and taste.

They also make fabulous gifts if you want to get a little fancy.

Click here for a quick guide on how to make your own raw food candies

Do Tell

Are you baking and making anything sweet these days? Are they traditional holiday goodies? Please share in a comment below.

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