Let's Put Some Chocolate IN the Face for a Change

Even though this is a skin and hair care blog, the holidays are fast approaching – the time of (making and) giving gifts!

Above is a peek at the 2012 Christmas edition of LisaLise Pure Natural Edibles. I got a little fancy with the packaging this year, and thought I'd share it with you.

Want to make your own? These are not only easier to make than you might think, they're downright good for you. Read on and I'll show you how.

Health Food? Yes!

What you see above is healthy, vegan-friendly raw food candy with no added sugar or sweeteners. The best part: they pass the 'I hate healthy food' test every time. Even though 'healthy' and 'candy' doesn't usually go together, these tasty treats are rich, decadent and sinfully delicious. I dare you to make them and not agree with me!

There are 4 variations pictured above – each covered/dipped in organic 72% dark chocolate.

There are only 3 base ingredients:
cocoa powder
Medjool dates

The secret: don't skimp on the quality of the ingredients and you will have a sure-fire hit every time.

How To Make Your Own

Pit and chop medjool dates
Add cocoa and/or coconut and knead (in wax paper) until the mixture can be handled
Split into however many portions you want to make tastes, then add any extras you may fancy to each portion.
Knead each mixture until it is even
roll into balls
roll in cocoa or coconut
dip in chocolate

I soaked goji berries in rum for one of the flavor variations, added chopped almonds for another, made a roasted sesame seed with orange combo, and the fourth flavor shown above is a straight-up coconut/date combo.

I've made these candies many times and almost always experiment with the flavors. Try adding exciting and unexpected things such as licorice powder (this was quite a hit with my family).

If you want to go all out, photograph each flavor and make a little booklet with the ingredients and a fun description for each flavor. The recipient will not only appreciate the thought, but anyone with special dietary needs will be fully informed as to what they're tasting.

If you can't find boxes, package in cellophane bags with a pretty bow.

Have fun!


Stephanie said…
Lise, those chocolates look gorgeous! Professional looking, healthy, yummy... and easy too? I'm definitely going to make some! :)
LisaLise said…
Thanks Stephanie, they really are easy to make. I kind of figured it out from reading the ingredients list of some raw food candy I tried once and found out it was a snap to make (at half the price too) . Promise to let me know how it goes, ok?
Unknown said…
Hello Lise, you know I am going to so make these. One question, I am still fairly a virgin in the kitchen when you say coconut do you mean coconut milk?
LisaLise said…
Hi Kelly, Nope, I mean coconut - as in shredded :)
Unknown said…
Sorry for delay lol been super concentrating on blog stuff. Okay, will see if I can get some shredded, if not may have to wait till after my birthday, my friend has given me a chocolate cake recipe so may do that for now.
LisaLise said…
Hi Kelly - Can't this be bought in packets? We get shredded coconut here as a baking ingredient...
Unknown said…
Hmmm.. its not something I have seen in the baking section in supermarkets, we have coconut cream, oil and dessicated. May have to look in a specialist shop.
LisaLise said…
I do believe dessicated coconut is what you're looking for-- ripped up coconut in itsy bitsy pieces.. right?
Unknown said…
Yes we got that, hurrah! thanks Lise