How to Make a Sulphate Free 'Poo' Soap

Look what I made! This 'poo' is an easy to make moldable soap that I couldn't resist turning into this shape while getting acquainted with the properties of the star ingredient - disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate.

I've been testing out a few surfactants over the summer and this one is gentle enough for sensitive skin and quite versatile to boot!

Using this sulphate free surfactant (and a few additional ingredients), you can pretty much make any shape (and color) soapy cleanser you like. It's perfect for gifts because you can really personalize the product and amaze and delight everyone with your creative talents.

Today, I'm going to show you how you how I made this poo.

(insert little snicker)

About the Star Surfactant

Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate is a coconut oil based surfactant that meets sulphate free requirements and provides a very gentle cleanse. It promises 'good foaming action' (although I would be inclined to place it in an 'adequate foaming action' category), and can function as a stand-alone or as a co-surfactant in numerous applications.

The pictured 'poo' is made using Aroma Zones 'foam paste'. I also followed their usage guideline (link below) making very few changes (I used clay for color) as this was my first trial run of this ingredient.

Are you ready to have some surfactant fun?  The listed amounts are enough to make one poo.

LisaLise’s Moldable ’Poo’ Soap

Ingredient Grams Ounces
Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate 20.0 0.71
Cornstarch 54.0 1.9
Glycerine 20.0 0.71
Clay (for color) 1.5 0.053
Demineralized water 4.5 0.16


1. Weigh ingredients and place in bowl
2. Mix together and knead to make a dough
3. Create your desired shape and chill for about 15 minutes
4. Allow to air dry for about 7 days before use.

That's it!

It's easy, quick and fun! I wore my standard latex gloves while kneading and forming the shape, but nitrile gloves will do the job too.

I used red kaolinite clay for color and added a sprinkling of rhassoul clay for extra texture and color before taking the picture.

And if you're wondering where the preservative is, then wonder no longer. This product does not require a preservative.

Have fun!

Do Tell

Have you ever worked with this surfactant? What did you make with it? Please share in a comment below.

More Info about this Surfactant on disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate
Kao Chemical Europe (manufacturer with free formulation examples using this surfactant)
Find this ingredient at Making Cosmetics in the USA
Find this ingredient as 'Foam Paste' at Aroma Zone


Jyoti said…
Wow! What a super easy 'poo' bar! Can I substitute the DLS for any other surfactant?
LisaLise said…
Hi Jyoti - This formula was all about testing this particular surfactant so I couldn't say if it can be replaced. :)
Jan said…
Hi looks fab, is there a reason why it doesn’t need a preservative and what is the shelf life for this? Would it last 6 month if stored in a container. Thanks x
LisaLise said…
HI Jan - Your 6 month assessment for shelf life sounds about right, but it could last longer. :)
Chemist said…
If you're worried about a poo going mouldy after you've used it around 0.5% potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate powder should help
LisaLise said…
Thanks for sharing, Chemist :)