Happy 2019 - The Year of Can Do

Good morning and Happy New Year! Even though this Spring picture may be a bit premature for the current season, it kind of captures what I've got planned for what's going to be happening around here this year.

Yes, Indeed! Can Do!

I get so many questions from folks who hear conflicting things about what can and can't be done safely and/or responsibly in a (small or large) cosmetics setting.

Completely understandable.

There are immeasurable amounts of ingredients, scads of methods, numerous approaches, and dozens of possible processes that can ALL result in functional, stable, safe cosmetics.

Yes, really.

Come to think of it, it might be comparable to having a discussion about cooking. Wrap this thought around your brain for a moment: Have you ever seen (or even heard of) 2 cooks agreeing on the one and only correct way to make an apple pie?

Yeah, me either.

If there was only one correct way of preparing a dish, there probably wouldn't be so many different (and wonderfully tasty) versions of the same dish, or so many cookbooks or different schools of cooking around.

So, to bring a few (well-worn) sayings into play
  • There's more than one way to peel an orange
  • There's more than one way to crack an egg
  • There's more than one way to catch a rabbit
And this can to a large degree be applied to creating and producing cosmetics.

The Green Approach

As for me, I am the 'LisaLise-School-of-Green-and-Roots-Formulating-Approach' (yes, I just made that up but you hopefully get the drift).

So if you are interested in working with plants, making extracts, formulating with food, and prefer a 'green', 'natural' and 'leaning towards purist' approach to making your skin and haircare products, then stick around, because that's what LisaLise cosmetics are all about.

I promise to do my best to serve everything up with a splash of inspiration too.

Stay tuned for some fun new projects, a few surprises, and (of course) the continuation of some of the things that have been ongoing in the LisaLise lab for a while. I haven't forgotten all your questions and interest in my work on plant colorants for make-up or my 'hurdle butter' research, and promise to update on that as well! Thanks for your patience on this as testing continues.

Welcome to 2019 on the blog!

Do Tell

Do you have any special goals or plans you want to focus on this year? Please share in a comment below. (Note how I skirted around the New Years Resolution thing there? That was on purpose)