How To: Exfoliating Scrub From Leftovers

Have some fine salts, oils, and a few botanical leftovers lying around? Good! We're going to turn them into an exfoliating scrub!

And because we are using leftovers, I have named this concoction: Leftover Scrub

You: My goodness Lise, that's just about the most original name I've ever heard. Must have taken you an age to come up with that one.

Me: OK, smartypants, it didn't, but I still love ya. Now, you wanna make scrub or not?

The Leftovers

These are a few ingredients I happened to have leftover from one thing and the other (why things continually pile up in my stockroom, I will never know)


I combined them in these proportions to make a single jar (150 ml / 5.07 fl oz)

40 gr / 1.41 oz - Epsom Salts (sub* with any fine salt you have) 
60 gr / 2.12 oz - Himalayan Fine Crystal Salt (sub* with dead sea salt, fine salt, etc)
9 gr / 0,32 oz - Ground Oats (sub* with colloidal oats or any ground herb you have)
2 gr / 0.071 oz - Ground / Powdered Chamomile  (sub* with any ground herb you have)
12 gr / 0.42 oz - Turkey Red Oil (sub* with any other oil you have) 
37 gr / 1.31 oz - Coffee Infused Apricot Kernel Oil (sub* with any other oil you have)

*sub = substitute


  1. weigh ingredients
  2. add to bowl
  3. stir
  4. transfer to final container
  5. marvel at your fabulous scrub-making capabilities

Coffee / Cham?!

I know what you're thinking: Coffee infused oil with chamomile? Which one won that scent battle?

The answer is: coffee did -  hands down. The chamomile didn't even figure into the scent of this scrub, but added a lovely warm tone to the mix.

Of course, you could choose to compose a fabulous scrub by combining ingredients that match in the color and/or scent department, but then it really wouldn't be a leftover scrub, would it?

Do Tell

Have you ever made a cosmetic product using leftovers? What did you make and how did it turn out?

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Jan Garcia said…
Thanks for the idea! Alos, I am grateful that younoffer substitutions right in the recipe!
LisaLise said…
HI Jan, Thanks for your kind comment. Have fun!
Unknown said…
What a coincidence I was thinking instead of throwing away the infused chamomile and other herbs ill just grind them up add a few clays and oats and use...