Dandelions for Skincare: How to Dry the Blossoms

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Unknown said…
Thanks, Lisa,

What a way to get our fantasy flowing .... hmmm what to make!

I've been using dandelion leaves in my salads for years.
And the main purpose for this is as a diuretic!
Back in the days of high blood pressure and not wanting to take meds, I chose this method.

Can't wait to hear what you come up with!

Thanks for all your hard work and contriutions - M
LisaLise said…
Hey there M - Thanks for your kind comment! I am knee deep in dandelions these days and enjoying every minute of it! It sounds like you have found a lovely and useful way of implementing the leaves for your health.
Mariana said…
Hi Lisa,
after reading your post i went to the garden to pick dandelions! however, after some time, all the flowers closed in themselves... so i'm wondering why this (apparently) didnt happent to you, or if i picked some other yellow flowers that are not dandelion (i searched on the web how to identify them, and they seem the right ones, but....)
thank you!!
LisaLise said…
Hi Mariana - Didn't your flowers start looking a bit like the ones pictured near the bottom of this post? I think they do close in as they wilt
Signe said…
I’ve used dandelions for many things. My favourite is dandelion salve, it smells like toffee. Should make a new batch before dandelion season is over...
Unknown said…
I LOVE infusing dandelions into some organic sunflower oil for use in salves! It also makes a wonderful colorant to lotions and other products as the oil infuses to be a gorgeous deep yellow! So pretty! I also had worried about the dandelions folding in on themselves and even going into that stage where you see the fluffy white little things (sorry don’t know what they are called), but as I did research on drying them saw that everyone had that same look so just relaxed! I made the mistake last year of THINKING mine were thoroughly dry but apparently they werent because my baggie of them molded 😞 I now make sure that ALL of my herbs I am drying are completely crispy before placing them in a baggie! I am knee deep in Calendula and Lemon Balm at the moment!!!

LOVE your blog and instagram Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing! Was waiting for the blog on Lilac perfume but my lilac is done now so guess i will have to wait til next year!
My pleasure! I'm really enjoying watching your delight in experimenting with some of the herbs that grow around you. The inspiration and admiration is mutual. x x
LisaLise said…
@Signe - OOh yes dandelion salve is so lovely!

@LuluBeans - Another salve fan! We must start a club. I know what you mean about drying thoroughly. I'm pretty sure we all have to learn that one form experience! :)

@Vivienne - Aww thank you kindly! (insert blush here!)