Roots Formulating with Picky Ingredients

What if it were possible to take a difficult ingredient and make it a piece of cake to work with – without sacrificing function?

For a few of years, I've been tinkering with C-vitamin (and C-vitamin-rich ingredients) in an attempt to deliver maximum C-vitamin power boost without requiring the fanciest lab equipment on the planet.

Is it even do-able?


C-Vitamin – a Bit of a Diva

Let's make no bones about it: C-vitamin is fiddly to work. I have revisited this ingredient several times over the years – each time with a renewed sense of dread coupled with determination.

If you check some of the links to earlier posts at the bottom, you can have a bit of a snicker at some of the twists and turns I've experienced.

You: But Lise, you do realize that ascorbic acid can now be stabilised and is sold as such under the name of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, don't you?

Me: Stabilised schmabilized - it's still ruddy fiddly to work with.

Here are a few headlines of C-vitamin fiddliness
  • wreaks havoc with the pH of the formula
  • has specific pH requirements
  • scads of ingredient incompatablities
  • specific equipment material requirements
  • requires all kinds of additional pampering, babying, and sweet talking, and then it STILL may decide to not play nice at the last minute

Yet, despite all this, I still love it.

I love how it works and what it has to offer.

Now, if that doesn't that fit the Diva bill to a T, I don't know what does.

Less is More

So, back to the challenge.

How to handle a Diva that wants to call all the shots?

Go roots.

less manipulation
less temperature changes
less use of tools
less processing

The resulting product is available right here.

Do Tell

Do you work with Vitamin C in your products? How fiddly do you find it to work with?

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