Easy Inexpensive Cloths for Cleansing Oil

I love oil cleansers, but can be a bit of a lazy lucy (is that an expression?) when it comes to clean-up.

Using a regular washcloth to remove oil cleanser works fine, but the washcloth is then soaked in oily-ish stuff and needs to be laundered.

To top this off, any fabric soaked in oil on a regular basis will start to go rancid smelling after a while – even if it is laundered regularly.

If you are a frequent spa-goer, you may have noticed the scent of sheets that just won't go clean any more. Sheets that have been soaked in massage oil for so long they have gone rancid.

Rancid smelling cloth on face? Or anywhere?

No thanks.

Solution: find a quality, single-use something to remove cleansing oil.

Piece of cake, right?

After looking for bargain washcloths in every shop I happened across for ages, I finally gave up and dropped the idea.

But sometimes, when you're not even looking for it, a solution walks right up and taps you on the back - like this one did.

Fabric Sale

A local fabric sale I happened across by chance revealed a bolt of cloth that looked like diapers. It was indeed diaper cloth (who knew they sold that in fabric stores?).

After washing the fabric, it was ripped (yes, literally) into single-use sized squares and the loose threads were removed.


Even though these were intended as single use cloths, they are good for several uses before discarding.

Do Tell

Do you use the oil cleansing method? How do you remove the cleansing oil?


TinaCPH said…
I use muslin, or "cheesecloth" as we call it in Denmark. I think its crazy how much companies will charge for a piece of cloth - but hey - I guess there are people paying or it wouldn't be on offer. I saw one brand advertising their "signature muslin cloth" and another brand called theirs "exfoliating muslin cloth". Posh names for a thin piece of cotton.
LisaLise said…
Hi Tina - Yes, muslin is a good cloth for this. I fell for this particular cloth because it was slightly stiffer and find it actually offers a bit of exfoliation as well. It is surprisingly not as soft as muslin. :)
Unknown said…
Oh, I like this idea Lise! I tend to just use my hands to massage in my cleansing oil balm then splash it off. Yes, this is very messy and I get water everywhere, which I then have to clean up. I have been searching for something that would be less messy, add some mild exfoliation, but not increase my laundering duties. I didn't even think about it from the whole rancid oil perspective either, which has now grossed me out. Haha! This just might be the answer I'm looking for. Thank you Lise!
LisaLise said…
Thanks Belinda - It was the rancid oil thing that made me look for a solution. :)
goodgirl said…
Great advice! Thanks for sharing!
LisaLise said…
Thank you goodgirl! :)