Drain Saving Tip on Cleaning Up Fats

Every time I make melt-and-pour products such as balms, butters, or anything containing wax, there is an unavoidable film left in the beaker after pouring up.

Here's a quick and easy way to clean butter or wax-coated beakers and equipment that has always worked well for me.

Return the container to the heat source and gently remelt. While the container is still warm, wipe the excess out with a paper towel.

Remove as much as you can with the paper before proceeding to sink for final clean-up with soap and water. The less residue in the container, the more your drains (and plumber and partner who hates paying plumbing bills) will thank you.

You're welcome.

Do Tell

How do you clean up after making balms and butters?


Paula M said…
That's what I do but instead of paper towels I use old sheets and towels that I cut into small squares.
LisaLise said…
Hi Paula - great tip! Thanks for sharing!
TinaCPH said…
I usually use a paper towel but like the idea of an old towel. I keep a tiny pot of balm in my pocket and use it on the train in the morning. If I have gotten too much balm on my hands I rub the rest on my leather bag - it's basically oils and butter, sometimes lanoline and often a little beeswax, a luxury leather balm. The towel used to wipe the container would be perfect for polishing shoes or leather bags :-)

Wendy said…
After I wipe out all the excess, I scrub with a mixture of baking soda and castille soap.It acts as an abrasive so it is easier to wash.
suki-san said…
Awesome tips! i especially adore TinaCPH's suggestion re:a dedicated towel that could continuously do double duty as a polishing cloth for my handbags & boots!..that reminds me of the perfumed chamois & leather gloves the perfume houses of Grasse were selling @ the beginning of the whole perfume renaissance..
I read a suggestion on another blog the other day where the poster would take a scant handful of grated melt&pour soap (like just a few long, thin slivers), & add them to those wax-butter-encrusted beakers & measuring cups..then do exactly like Lise! suggests & throw it in the microwave, then, just add warm water, (maybe even BOTH the m&p AND the water! BEFORE you put in the microwave)..that'd probably work really well!
LisaLise said…
@Wendy - thanks for sharing!

@Suki-san - ooh a lot of inspirational input there - thanks for sharing!