Wash Your Hair With Mud - For Real

You've been watching me fool around with this stuff for ages, and there's a reason for it – I've fallen head over heels in love.

It's been (just shy of) 2 years since I used shampoo and there isn't a hair conditioner in sight anywhere in my home, yet my hair is soft, clean, shiny, manageable, and feels absolutely fabulous.

Yes, really.

But as much as I love this stuff to bits and pieces, it is admittedly fiddly to use.

So that bit simply had to be solved.

And because rhassoul clay is completely scent free, the longer I used it, the more I wished for a subtle, magical whiff of natural freshness with my hair cleansing experience.

Challenge: remove fiddliness and introduce a touch of magic – can't be much of a problem to solve, can it?

Who would have imagined it could take this long...

Fiddle-Free and Planet-Friendly to Boot

You might remember a few posts last year with rhassoul packets, bottles and different amounts of water. The goal: to get this clay to function as close to an 'instant' hair wash as possible.

The answer is in the packaging.

Packaging is really a challenge.

I mean, really.

Clay has a tendency to clump if not packaged 'just so'. And if the clay in a little single-portion packet doesn't slide out effortlessly and as easy as you please, spilling and unwanted fiddliness occurs.

And if the packet isn't sealed 'just so', rhassoul will escapes and make a bothersome mess.

So there were trials and tests.

A lot of them.

(small pause while you envision all of the tests)

Finally: success!


Not only is that handy dandy little packet pictured above made from paper that is perfect for rhassoul, but it's also biodegradable.

I think I love the paper too.

A is For ... 

And then, there was the final challenge: a whiff of freshness. That could be lavender! Or Citrus! Or a gazillion other things that were tried – and they were.

Tip: soapnut is NOT a good choice for whiffs of freshness (but great for whiffs of vinegary unpleasantness)

And after many tests, the winner of the whiff-of-freshness challenge was announced: apple! Not a fragrance oil, mind you, but the real deal.

Real organic Eco-cert apple powder – lovingly mixed with rhassoul and quietly waiting to come to life and gently tease your nose when water is added.


Thank you, apple, for doing such an awesome job at being a whiff of freshness.

So, now, finally, I'm thrilled to say, my rhassoul hair and scalp cleanser is ready for you too!


Be forewarned. If you're anything like me, you might just fall in love with this stuff - hard.

So maybe you should steer COMPLETELY clear of clicking this link.

Uh oh.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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