DIY Hair Cleanser - As Basic as it Gets

My life has changed. That is to say, my hair life has changed. It's utterly back to basics.

What you're looking at may just be my final goodbye to shampoo.

After testing soapnut decoction as a scalp and hair cleanser for 3 months, it has quite simply remained a favorite.

Many repeat batches have been made.

And it continues to work beautifully.

Over 6 months have passed, and it's now my preferred go-to for hair and scalp cleansing.

Facing Packaging Facts

I did change the bottle though. Even though soapnut (and soaproot) can be packaged in a foam bottle and made to pump out a bit of foam, neither can deliver that sudsy-luxury-feeling that shampoo can.

So, it must be accepted.

And despite the complete lack of sudsy-foamy-luxury, soapnut and soaproot decoction both cleanse the hair and scalp like champs.

Without leaving any dryness.

Or itching.

Or anything but soft, clean hair.

And, after months of experimentation, I have found a method of removing pre-wash coconut-oil hair-conditioning oil treatment without having to use an hour and an entire tub of product.


I'm going to share that with you in the next post.

Meantime, check the links below to do your own hair and scalp cleansing decoction, try coconut oil on your hair and scalp, and generally pamper your skin and hair big time with a minimum of ingredients.

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