The Eyeshadow Emergency

This picture pretty much sums up my reaction to the incident that resulted in my very first eyeshadow emergency.

I didn't realize one could even have an eyeshadow emergency.

But one can.

And it happened.

Before it Happened

For years, I have made all of my own make-up. It's not only fun, but I find it quite therapeutic to mix pigments, make foundation, eyeshadow, highlighters, lipstick, etc.

Needless to say, shopping for anything in a make-up department – anywhere – just hasn't been on my to-do list for ages.

Until the other day.

When it Happened

It was a regular morning. I was putting on make-up. Eyeshadow, brushes, mascara, and other make-up-putting-on-necessities were on the table as per usual.

Suddenly – with no prompting of any kind – the only eyeshadow I simply cannot live without decided to jump off of the edge of the table and irretrievably deposit itself all over the floor.

No prompting, no bumping, no oops'ing.


It just took a flying leap into oblivion.


If Life was Normal 

If life was normal, this would have been only mildly irritating. If life was normal, I could have pulled out my pigments, powders, and tools and within an hour have a brand new, perfectly matched replacement.

But, alas, right now, life isn't normal at all.

Right now, life is a mix of long-term-temporary home-living-space transitioning with remodelling madness going on.

And my labwork has been downsized to the barest of essentials.

And all of my make-up tools, pigments, and containers are packed away in semi-long-term-storage.

Almost beyond reach.

Panic - No, Don't Panic

My beloved perfectly-pearl-pinky-white-highlight color lay spilt across the floor. My equipment was almost beyond reach and my schedule was packed.

Panic time.

My husband, seeing the expression on my face, offered a solution. 'So, can't you just buy an eyeshadow to tide you over until you can get to your things again? No big deal, right?'

No big deal?

Long lost memories of relentless, fruitless trips to make-up departments that carried a gazillion products with either too much perfume, ingredients that made me itch, and ALL THE WRONG COLORS came flooding back.


These were memories.

'Maybe he's right', I consoled myself.

Maybe it's better now. Maybe I can find a brand with no perfume – and with ingredients that won't make me itch – and with a color that's close enough.

What Happened Next

It wasn't long before I was standing in a make-up department in search of a replacement eyeshadow. What happened next surprised even me.

What happened next was worthy of a separate post.

And I'll to tell you all about it.

Very soon.

Do Tell

Have you ever had an eyeshadow emergency? How did you handle it?


Olivia J said…
Can't wait to find out what happens next. I am thinking the turmoil is the same I have. LOL
Tina, CPH said…
You know we need the follow-up post really soon Lise! Soon as in NOW 😉
LisaLise said…
Hi Olivia - Ohdear! You have the same turmoil? I thought I was the only one! :)
LisaLise said…
HI Tina - Teehee- I'm working on it as we speak :)