DIY Honey Cleanser - Packaging Method

If this DIY got any easier, well, I don't even know what to say. Quite simply, it can't get any easier.


The being easy part isn't even the best part of this exercise. The best part is the skin-loving part.

You probably already know this, but here's a quick recap from earlier posts.

It's Really All That

Raw honey is an effective, gentle face cleanser that both nourishes and moisturises. Raw honey is ideal for all skin types - even sensitive.

Raw honey can be used as any regular face cleanser (apply, gentle massage, rinse off), or for extra skin-loving benefits, left on as a mask.

The Only Thing...

There's just a teensy little thing though. Raw honey is rich, thick, and awfully sticky. So, it can be a messy experience to dip a spoon into a pot (the way it's packaged where I live), get the right dose, transfer from spoon to hand to face.... well, I'm sure you get the picture.

Enter the squeezy tube! Putting honey into a squeezy tube makes for easy peasy dosage and use.

How to transfer? Here's my preferred method.

You will need:

Step 1: 

Open the bag and roll the edges way back. If you have disposable piping bags - even better!

Step 2:

Spoon honey into the bag.
Tip: Transfer more honey than you think you will need. It's easy to put any excess back in the honey container, but not easy (and quite messy) to refill the bag.

Work the honey down to one corner and twist the bag shut.

Step 3:

Position your squeezy tube in a glass or other receptacle so it will stay put as you transfer the honey.

Step 4:

Cut the tip off of the bag and fill your container.
Tip: cut a smaller hole than you think you will need. It will be easier to control the flow.

Step 5:

This is optional, but if you like a bit of pizazz, make a fun label for your bottle.

Squeezy Tubes

The tube I'm using is from New Directions UK store (find links on the sidebar). I like this particular one for honey because it is easy to fill, can be re-used, and the flip-top cap fits tightly enough to keep all the product inside the tube - even though it stands on the cap. (trust me, not all flip-top caps do that - even though they're supposed to)

Do Tell

Do you use honey as a skin cleanser? What's your preferred method of application?

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Cat said…
This is genius! I have a raw honey on the go at the moment that comes in a squeezy tube, which is just so helpful, but I wanted a better dispenser for my homemade toothpaste and I think this would be perfect! (I'm using a mason jar right now, and it looks a little odd to have to dip a toothbrush in that!)
LisaLise said…
Hi Cat - thank you! Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest difference. :)
Tinam CPH said…
I still love my honey masks that I starter a year or two ago when my skin went crazy.
I use it neat or mix with clays or ground oatmeal. My friend has bees and I am lucky enough to get honey from her. Once it starts to crystalize on me it works as an exfoliator as well.
I usually keep it in a small plastic pot but the tube is a great idea :-)
For travelling I have made a mix of clay, oatmeal and honey powder :-)
LisaLise said…
Hi Tinam CPH - Love this! Mixing with clay and ground oatmeal is a great idea! This just made my to-do list!