Developing Lipstick - Batch 6

I've been working on a lipstick formula for just under 2 years now. The goal is to combine moisture, nourishment, comfort, longevity, and fabulous color in one product.

Piece of cake, right?

Let's Get Real

Usually there are all kinds of challenges and kinks when developing a formula. Some products take an age to develop and display all kinds of unexpected behaviour along the way. I've documented several here on the blog.

Usually a formula requires several test batches with subsequent tweaking before it can be pronounced good to go.


But Once in a While...

There are, however, rare occasions when a formula is just plain ace from the get go. This is one of those times. This lipstick has been unusually well behaved and thoroughly fabulous since batch one.

It's just done everything I wanted it to.


Batch 6

Of course, the real test of a good formula is when it can continuously display the same texture, behaviour, feel, etc in every single batch.

After 2 years, 5 batches, and testing in all kinds of weather and conditions, I think it's fair to say this lipstick formula is a winner.

Here is the ingredients list

And here's a peek at batch 6 directly after production

Trying out Containers

The bottom container – a chubby pencil case – is new for this batch. I want to test the limits of this formula and see how (and if) it holds up under sharpening. So far, it's behaving like a champ – no crumbling, breaking or anything else-ing that is undesirable.

The other container is a 'regular' lipstick case that has been used for all the previous batches as well.

Every batch has had a different color - some deep and intense, and some with a 'barely there' tint.

This batch has been given 'regular lipstick intensity'. I've named the color Antique Rose.

Here's a swatch.


Signe said…
What is this coco caprylate for? What is it's "job" in lipstick, I mean? I've been trying to create a good working lipstick lately too, I was quite happy with the last try.
LisaLise said…
Hi Signe - click the name where it is listed - that leads to a blog post about this ingredient. It adds slip and glide and works beautifully for lipstick.
Signe said…
Okey, thanks... I've used castor oil for that purpose, it is fine too, but glossy shine don't last very long time, so I must add lipstick during the day.