The Ultimate Mascara Quest - Batch 2

Here's batch 2 of the quest for the ultimate mascara. Now we're getting somewhere!

Focus on

With this  batch, texture was more in focus. When you think of what an epic fail batch 1 was, this result surprised even me. The texture is great, it goes on well, layers up thickly and easily, and doesn't flake off (despite the really crappy brush that comes with this container).

Just to play around with colors, I used a chocolate brown for this batch.

Here's batch 2 with 2 layers on one eye (top lashes (only) and no layers on the other eye. Hopefully you can see which is which.

I've been testing this mascara for about 3 weeks as I write this, and it is actually looking very promising.

For everything except...

The Downside

There is a downside. It is not water-proof - enough. I (purposefully) wore this to a training session and discovered that it happily 'melted' and ran down my face in rivers as I worked up a sweat.

Not attractive unless you're going for a sweaty zombie look.

Working on batch 3 as we speak..

More to come!

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Hilda said…
Nice! I don't usually use mascara but only apply some activated charcoal as it is, as an eyeliner. The other day I did try making a mascara with flax seed gel, castor oil and activated charcoal. It turned out really well, I even thought I got a bit too long lashes which I've never experienced before … I didn't even need an emulsifier or anything, but of course it was only good for a couple of days …
LisaLise said…
Awesome Hilda! Tell me, did it stay in place? No wandering about the face or 'melting'? I'd love to hear more. :)

Hilda said…
It was a bit messy to apply but after it had dried it stayed in place all day :) I never tried using it during workouts or similar though soI don't know how waterproof it was in the end.
I didn't measure anything, but I think I took about equal amounts of flax gel (that I made from flax seeds and water) and castor oil and then just added a bit of charcoal. I will definitely experiment some more with the recipe when I have the time though :)
Olivia J said…
I am always looking for a good mascara which I never had to back in the 70's and 80's when I was a teen. Most mascaras felt moist and nourishing and really stuck to my lashes well. Now, with some weird technology the mascara just clumps on my slick lashes. Some even make my lashes weak, so I am trying to be careful with my mascara now. Keep up the great work in the formulation, I look forward to your journey into the ultimate mascara!
LisaLise said…
HI Olivia,

Thanks for your input! I think it's really interesting how you've noticed a change on the way mascaras work over the years, and wouldn't mind looking into this a bit more... problem is, I'm not exactly sure how to go about it.. wonder if one can find ingredients lists of cosmaetics from 'days gone by'? (just thinking out loud here).