Case Study - Caffeine for Hair Growth

This all started with a simple question about caffeine and how it might be optimally used as an active ingredient. I wrote about it here.

It is now officially becoming a case study – all because of what you see above. Yeah, I know, it's just my forehead, but there's something very specific I wanted to share with you.

I drew a circle around it.

The new, short hairs inside the circle weren't there before.


There are also numerous new short hairs visible along the front of my forehead.

It would appear that my hairline is advancing!

Why? How?

Since nothing in my daily schedule or eating patterns has changed over the past 2 months, there's only one thing I can attribute to this phenomenon – a new product I have developed and have been testing. It's called Stuart's Formula.

Stuart's Formula

I thoroughly test the products I make for clients, and this new spray has been no exception. Designed to boost hair strength and encourage growth, Stuart's Formula is a cocktail of hair-loving ingredients with a generous (read: max) dose of caffeine – the star ingredient.

Along with my regular morning scalp massage, I've been applying it once daily.

If I had been more scientific, I would have taken 'before' pics and made notes. But I'll be honest. I quite simply forgot.

It wasn't until my hairdresser remarked that my hair 'seemed to be growing as fast as weeds' and 'felt thicker than usual' that I started taking notice. That's when I discovered all the brand new hairs growing where no hairs have grown before.

I wrote Stuart and asked if he would be willing to document his own progress and send me feedback and pictures.

He kindly agreed.

I'm excited. So is Stuart.

Stay tuned.


Hi there!

I just started reading your blog a few days ago!

I was wondering, if you are caffeine sensitive AND/Mor pregnant is it safe to use caffeine topically on skin?

Thanks and have a blessed day!
LisaLise said…
Hey there Aja,
Thanks for your input! I would like to be 100% clear about what you mean by caffeine sensitive. Would you mind elaborating on that? Do you mean internal use? Is it from certain products?

As for topical application of caffeine if pregnant, I would have to check this out in depth before answering.
Stephanie said…
This sounds like truly exciting stuff! I can't wait to hear more about it... faster/thicker-growing hair would be really nice! :)
LisaLise said…
Hey there Stephanie- thanks much! I am really excited about it too and promise to update. (curls are def on my list and will be seeing some caffeine live soon too)