The Pink Pamperer - A New Serum is Born

This past winter and spring has kept me super busy developing new products. Like, say, serum (the emusion kind). It's been far too long since I developed a new serum – something that can be used around the delicate eye area, but still has enough oomph for the rest of the face – a real skin pamperer. Creating a light, melt-in moisturizer that can function as an all-in-one product and is suitable for the warmer months (especially for bringing on vacation) became my goal.

Aside from using Royal Jelly as a super-duper anti-wrinkle and skin toning active, for the first time ever, color was added to one of my formulas. I used fruit extract: cranberry powder. Above is the serum in its container. I am in love with this subtle pink hue.

Right now the product is being tested by my regulars, and if it does well, may be available at the Beaut-e online shop later on this year.

Pictured above is the cranberry powder: is this bright magenta color not delicious? And even though it is a bit wonky to work with, cranberry powder is a natural colorant that offers antioxidant properties. Gotta love that – despite wonkiness.

So, we have a skin pampering serum that is pink. What shall we name this product?

How about the Pink Pamperer?


Boony said…
ok, seriously?! I NEED to be a tester for this one too!! NEED TO! :)
LisaLise said…
You shall be immediately added to the list. ;)
Mom said…
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Mom said…
How does one become a tester? I would love to test your products.
Rikke said…
The Pink Pamper. Ja det skal den altså hedde. Det SKAL den altså"

:-) Rikke
That is simply lovely too! I'm very interested in trying out fruit powders as I've never worked with them.. the colour is simply amazing.
LisaLise said…
Thanks Celine. I love this color too. I've been trying the cranberry powder out in several different products and it is a little difficult to work with, but when it works well, it really adds a that little extra.