Eyeshadows by LiisK

There's only one thing cooler than doing your own eyeshadows, and that's having someone do them personally for you. Look what I got in the mail the other day – made for me by LiisK (color connoisseur and make-up wiz). I never realized what it was like to be on the receiving end of personalized cosmetics – it feels really great!!

The Case

The little pans in the picture are all sitting magically in the case by means of little magnets underneath, so you can easily move them around if you so choose. The loose powder shadow in the clear case on the left shows off the color perfectly and is easy to work with – the perfect size for eyeshadow.


These all go on easily, have a lovely, silky feel and good staying power. The loose powder is just as easy to work with as the pressed colors.


These can be built up in intensity by adding more layers. I love every one of these shades and have already done a bit of mixing and matching directly on the lids.. see?

(yes, that's real grey hair at my temples and I earned every one of 'em too!)

So, what do you think... too old for smokey eyes?

PS. I never realized how hard it is to photograph yourself to show eyeshadow colors. Check out I.R.Pale (LiisK does it all the time and makes it look so easy!)


Amy said…
I love the eye shadow colors and your smokey eye look is hot!

Amy :)
Boony said…
I agree with Amy :)