Caffeine Sculpting Gel - Still Tweaking

Double Shot Caffeine Sculpting Gel: Batch 4

About a month ago, I started working with caffeine as an active ingredient – just to see what it could do and if it was something worth including in my product line. 

So far, things are looking very promising. Aside from behaving as an active ingredient should (with visible difference after use), it's turning out to be a wonderful ingredient to work with as well.

I'll Only Play Nice if We Do Things My Way

Some ingredients are incredibly picky and demanding and not willing to be 'fooled around with' at all. They will have all kinds of specific requirements as to temperature, pH of the mixture, emulsification methods, etc etc. 

But caffeine is looking like it wants to be my new best friend and is behaving ever so nicely.

I am currently on batch 4 of this sculpting gel, and have been adding different extras (starting with plant extracts like pomegranate and marigold) to pump up the mix. I want to boost the moisturizing, firming, and general skin-loving properties of this gel to the max. (This is a creed of mine – no 'wasted space' in the product – make everything 'count'!)


As for containers, I'm still trying different options – looking for the perfect match to the product (which also changes in character a bit as the different extras are added to it). Here is a shot of the latest batch, housed in 2 different pump bottles.

I am loving the tall slim serum pump bottle and hope it continues to deliver – right down to the last bit of product. If so, then we'll start to get fun with label design. The final step is testing this product on others.


Anna-Vera said…
Oh! I forgot to remind you that I wanted to test this out for you/me last time I saw you!! Is that a possibility?!