Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Working With Shea Butter - Skincare Formulas, Tips & Tricks

Hello, you lovely, inspirational reader of this blog! That book up there is my attempt at answering every question you have ever asked me about shea butter.

I think it's quite fair to say you inspired this book.

When I started working on it, I honestly expected it to be a rather small-ish, not-too-many-pages, handy-dandy little DIY guide, but it just kept growing. There were so many things to get to the bottom of, and more questions popped up, and then more things had to be examined and tested.

So it ended up taking 2 years and grew to a full 72 pages of non-stop shea buttery-ness.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How To: Glycerite with Fresh Blackberries

Well, it's official. I've become a fresh food glycerite addict. So, before we start getting serious about other Fall-related activities, allow me to share with you the final summer berry glycerite of the year.

We're going to be more hands-on with this one with a slightly different straining process, so don your latex gloves and let's get busy with blackberries!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Liquid Lotion

I developed this product recently for a lovely lady in her late 70's with very sensitive skin. When I say sensitive, I mean very very sensitive.

She cannot wear any make-up, and her face is frequently 'dotted' with dry patches that are flakey, itchy, irritated, and red.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Whipped Shea With a Non Greasy Touch

I'll bet with all the stuff going on around here lately you thought I forgot all about updating you on the shea testing I have been working on this (and last) year.



There it is up there.

A whipped shea that melts in without that typical 'shea-greasy feel'.

The greasy feeling has reduced to nothingness – a mere whisper.

And after all the tests and batches and tweaking and more testing, the answer seems so simple and straightforward. (It always does when you finally find it, doesn't it?)

There's a single teensy bit of magic you need to add to achieve this light-as-air, non-greasy feel, and because I think you're the best – ever – I'm, going to share it with you.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Colored Foam - The Natural Way

Well this is a super cool discovery! Check the colors of the foams that just came out of these 2 hair and body washes!

Not only do they have a tint of color, they also carry a distinctly recognizable scent of the original fruit from whence they come.

(insert little happy dance)