Colored Foam - The Natural Way

Well this is a super cool discovery! Check the colors of the foams that just came out of these 2 hair and body washes!

Not only do they have a tint of color, they also carry a distinctly recognizable scent of the original fruit from whence they come.

(insert little happy dance)

Colored Foaming Body Wash

Each bottle contains (the same basic mix of) surfactants and skin-loving hydrosols in just the right combination to ever-so-gently wash both hair and body with a fluffy, light foam.

And the color comes from the addition of fresh blueberry and fresh strawberry.

No, I didn't squish blueberries and strawberries and put them into the bottles.

Well, no, that's not even quite true.

I did actually do some squishing of the blueberries.

You might remember a recent post with this pic. Proof positive of berry squishing.

But I digress.

The tinted foam has completely and utterly sidetracked me!

What I Meant To Say...

The original intention of this post was to show you one of the things you can use fresh-food glycerites for, because a lot of you lovely people have been asking me about it.

And this is one!

Adding a hand-crafted glycerite to your body wash formula gives it an extra dimension of freshness, and if you are using a pump bottle, I'll bet you notice an extra rich creaminess in the foam as well.

And if your glycerite has a deep color, I bet you'll be enjoying a creamy, lovely tinted foam as well.

And because of all this, there are a couple of foods that just made my glycerite-making to-do list for the coming season:

  • pumpkin
  • red beet
  • carrots

Do Tell

Have you ever added glycerites to your body wash? Which kind?

Glycerite How to's on This Blog

Cucumber: 1
Cucumber: 2


Signe said…
Well, I must confess that I haven't used glycerites for anything - yet. I only use home made soap bars for body washing, so that is not going to be the way I will try glycerites. But nice to know where I could use them, anyway. :)
LisaLise said…
HI Signe - This was kind of a test for me, and I just fell in love with how much creaminess it adds to a body wash with surfactants. Maybe you don't want to try this.. you might love it! :D
María said…
I think glycerites are a great way to add the goodness of fresh fruit to our concoctions.
Antocyanines not only give this vibrant colour, also are very potent antioxidants. Isn't it just a win-win situation?
LisaLise said…
Thank you María, for your always inspirational and useful input!
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Thank you Lisa. I have really learnt a lot from you. Which surfactant do u recommend?
LisaLise said…
Hi Jemila - It depends on what you want to make! Have a look at a previous post here called 'surfactant guide' - that might be of help.