LisaLise Examines Cocoa Powder for Skincare

Cocoa powder is an excellent skincare ingredient and the LisaLise Pure Natural Skincare lab has been home to a staple stock of quality cocoa powder for many years.

I'm particularly pleased with it in rinse-off products (think cleansers of all types).

And if one happens to be a bit of a chocolate lover, one simply cannot deny the delicious scent of this ingredient. Mix it with a bit of cocoa butter and the decadence is complete.

Pictured above is a bit of cocoa powder being prepared to be added to a cleanser. There's also a tip you can read more about right here. 

And if you want to get busy with cocoa powder this very minute, there's a cleansing balm with a cocoa powder option in this book. 


Anonymous said…
I did some reseach after your post and ended up creating self-preserving double cocoa oily gel cleanser (shared picture on IG)
It's balm-to-oil-to-milk type of thing. Only problem is: it's so lovely that we run out of it soon, haha, so I'm making next bigger batch soon so I can monitor stability for longer period than just a month or two. Thank you! xx Johanna
LisaLise said…
Thanks Johanna -- your gel looked fab! Thanks for giving me a peek!