New From Tisserand Institute - Make Your Own Fresh Lavender Hand Rescue Bar

I am thrilled and over the moon to announce a brand new offering from Tisserand Institute with yours truly teaching alongside Robert Tisserand!

(insert happy dance and joyous whoop!)

Check the picture up there for clues as to what this lesson/tutorial is all about.

When Robert and Hana Tisserand asked me to work with them to develop this product, we were not in doubt about what we wanted it to do: help dry, overworked hands that have been gardening, doing dishes, constantly washing and disinfecting, and generally in need of rescue.

It had to be a super-duper pampering bar that could be popped into a purse and carried around for instant soothing too.

Piece of cake, right?

Well, I'll come clean. It took a few batches to get everything just right, but we did it! We decided to name it the Fresh Lavender Hand Rescue Bar.

Exclusive Essential Oil Blend by Robert Tisserand

Robert has created an exclusive essential oil blend just for this product, and I have created a skin-loving and nourishing base that makes it hand-lovingly perfect.

(and yes indeedy you are right if you guessed the blend includes lavender, but I can reveal the scent is quite complex - fresh and invigorating)

Beginner Friendly yet Full of Top Pro Tips 

Not only are we going to walk you through the process of choosing ingredients and creating the essential oil blend, but we're both going to give you top tips along the way.

We've also included a troubleshooting section to help you address common pitfalls of making this kind of product.

Perfect Synergy

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I have 'category ridiculously sensitive' skin.

I've been using the Hand Rescue Bars for a while now and find the synergy of the ingredients effective and non-greasy while providing the perfect dose of 'rescuing'.

Both the scent and feel turned out to be such a hit that I have been using them a bit more than I normally do with a product of this type. (OK I admit it, I'm quite smitten with the essential oil blend Robert has created and can't seem to get enough of it, so there is also a fair dose of sniffing involved with every application)

The Live Version Available May 28th 2020

This offering is a little different than the Essential Formulation course because it's going to be available 24/7 after we've done the live version.

That means you will be able to sign up and and get access any time.

However, you might not want to miss the live version.  There's going to be a Q and A on the 28th of May when the live version is presented where you'll be able to ask Robert and me all kinds of stuff about the essential oils and bar-making process.

The Q and A will be recorded, so if you can't make it on May 28th, you will have access to the recorded Q and A along with the lesson when you sign up.

What's Included in the Fresh Lavender Hand Rescue Bar Lesson 

A presentation from Robert about the essential oils in his blend
Roberts formula for his bespoke dry hand essential oil blend
A presentation from me with how to make your own Hand Rescue bars
My formula for the Hand Rescue Bars
Access to Q and A (either live or the recorded version)
Downloadable PDF with formula and method description.
Links to suppliers around the globe.
Robert, Hana and I doing happy dances because you signed up.

If you're ready to do this, then SIGN UP RIGHT HERE.


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