Self-Preserving Cleansers - Here's How

Happy Monday! It's a particularly glorious Monday because of what you see pictured above.

That, my wonderful reader, is the Fresh Raspberry Cleanser - a bit of self-preserving magic that will cleanse your skin beautifully, double as a mask, and involves only the purest, beautiful, all-natural ingredients.

The magic wand is included as a symbol of the amazing capabilities natural ingredients have to offer - several of which come together in this fruity-fresh formula.

Self-Preserving Natural Cleansers - 16 Formulas with Honey and Botanicals

That's the full title of my latest publication. This one has been a nonstop labor of love - partly because it includes all of my favorite ingredients, and partly because it is practical application of (my ongoing interest in) Hurdle Technology, and partly because you have shown so much interest and asked me so many inspiring questions about making self-preserving skincare that I just had to put this collection of formulas together into a publication.

Dare I say this e-book came about in large part because of you? Well, it did (and also a little bit because of my insatiable passion for my work).

If you're ready to get busy working with honey and botanicals and you happen to be a fan of glycerites, then oh my goodness I think you are going to be just a little bit excited about this e-book.

Simple Tools, Easy Process, Effective Products

The formulas in this book encompass everything I love about roots formulating: locally sourced materials, simple tools, and an easy process.

The cleansers are powerfully effective, and there are formulas for every skin type, and every one can be made in a DIY setting.

Think you have to be super experienced make these?

Think you need a fancy lab with all kinds of equipment to make these?

Think you will have to spend loads of money on pricey ingredients that have to be flown in from all over the world to make these?

Think you need to add preservatives 'just to be safe'?
THINK AGAIN. Every cleanser has months of shelf life.

Think you will need to compromise on quality because it's handcrafted?

I could go on, but let me just show you another one of the cleansers instead. 

Pictured: the Chocolate and Clay cleanser with a bit of added bling is included in the book 

After You've Tried Mine, I'll Show You How to Create Your Own

When you've tried a few of my formulas and gotten acquainted with the possibilities and limitations, there's a formulation guideline included that will show you how to design your own fabulous self-preserving cleansers and masks.

Want to Know More?

You can get your own copy and read a complete description of what's included along with a complete table of contents on this page. 

Thank you for inspiring me to put this publication together. I'm continuously amazed by how many effective solutions there are to be gained from the plants and natural sources that surround us all. Learning how to make use of them in an effective, planet-friendly way has become a passion that seems to keep growing.

And You're Already Bowling Me Over with Your Fabulous Creations!

Several of my newsletter subscribers (who are always the first to know about new publications) have already gotten back to me with pics of their own creations - every one an inspiration!

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Do Tell

Have you ever used honey as a cleanser?


Unknown said…
I've never used anything except soap and micellar water to cleanse my face. I probably do not understand the need to use anything else to cleanse the face. I wish someone would enlighten me.
Do you have a post about this?

LisaLise said…
Hey there Unknown - Thanks for your input! You are definitely not alone in having a favorite cleansing routine that works for you. One of my clients has never used anything but plain water to cleanse her face (and she has lovely skin). Another of my clients swears by oil cleansing, and I am a major fan of honey. We all use what works best for us, and happily, we are not all alike in that respect. If we were, there would only be need of one kind of cleanser and one kind of cream, etc for everyone on the globe. I think you just inspired a blog post. Thanks for your inspiring comment!