Essential Oils in the Bath - Here's How

Imagine having an entire collection of customizable bath product formulas created specifically to function as the base for YOUR fabulous essential oil blends.

Hint: it's pictured right up there.

My latest publication is inspired by all you fab folks who work with essential oils!

Especially for Aromatherapists and Essential Oil Enthusiasts

This book came about as a direct result of the course I taught at Tisserand Institute this summer. One of the lessons in Essential Formulation was how to incorporate essential oils safely into a bath.

Guess what?

There are LOADS of effective ways to safely disperse essential oils into water. And who would have thought there were so many ways to make bath time magic with such a modest amount of ingredients?

Soaks, Milks, Creamer, Self-Preserving Elixirs, and More

Because your essential oil blends are the star of the show, it was important for me to make the formulas as customizable as possible.

And because my mantra is to keep it simple (and stay on the green side of the fence), the formulas are all easy to make and full of botanicals.

The Essential Oil Weight vs Drops Conundrum

While working on the book (and realizing some folks make their essential oil blends measuring by the drop), it became necessary to address the 'weight vs drops' situation in a bit of detail.

I mean, what if someone has been making fabulous blends for years using the drop method but now want to convert to weight or percentage? It's a bit of a decision to make a change like that, but believe it or not, it is not all that difficult. (I know because I started out using the drop method myself)

There's a section in the book that walks you through the process.

Graphics Galore

My workspace has been upgraded this year and that has resulted in photographing of ingredients, products, and processes accompanied by non-stop giggles and smiles.

When conditions are improved, inspiration really kicks in! There are loads of photos throughout that I hope will inspire while showing you how to make these products.

If you want to know more, please pop by the shop for a peek at my latest publication. It's on this page .

And thank you for inspiring me to write this book!

Do Tell

What's your favorite kind of bath product for the most fabulous bathing experience? Are you a salt soak person or a fan of bath bombs? Please share in a comment below.

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Pam said…
Looks fabulous!!
SoapsbySly said…
Your new book looks wonderful Lisa!

2 Questions:
In the glossary you list bath socks...what are Bath Socks?
Also, are these all/mostly with Turkey Red oil? Or are you also using Polysorbate 80? 20? PEG 40? Something else?

Thanks! Sly
LisaLise said…
@SoapsbySly - The Table of contents lists bath socks yes indeed. These are socks filled with a mixture that are placed into the tub. :D (I know it sounds silly, but that's really what it is) There are no PEG-s or Polysorbates in the formulas. Turkey red oil is included as well as a couple of other gentle surfactants.