How to Fine Tune Your Thumbsuck Meter

Please say hello to my Thumbsuck Meter-o-Bot. This 'fellow' has followed me faithfully throughout my life. He's nothing special really. I mean, everyone has one – built right in to help us make decisions and choices based on the input we are presented with.

Some people call this a 'BS meter', but I adopted a different expression after writing this post a few years ago. Regardless of what you call your meter, the working principle is the same.

How My Personal Thumbsuck Meter Works

My meter has had several occasions to hum, beep, whirr, and whine over the years, and it seems to have been extraordinarily active in more recent years.

To be fair, I am not sure if it is because there is more thumbsuck circulating or if it is because my meter might be more finely tuned due to my (undeniably mature) age. 

Sometimes the meter whines and beeps loudly in situations where others (also present) seem to be completely impervious.

Your meter might have different categories,  but here's an overview of mine.

  • Grey category (White Lies): clicks on automatically and starts whirring 
  • Yellow Category (Hardly True): whirring with a low steady hum 
  • Orange Category (Bull$hit): whirring with steady loud beeping noise
  • Red Category (Utter Crap): continuous ear-deafening whine

How to Recognize and Fine Tune Your Own Meter

In my experience, the thumbsuck/BS meter resides somewhere in the gut. It also seems to be that way with most of the people I have spoken to about recognizing thumbsuck.

It can't be without reason people use the expression 'trust your gut'.

That subtle, sometimes barely detectable 'niggle of doubt' you get from a slight change in a facial expression, the phrasing of a reply, a reaction, underlying tone in a comment, body language – or any similar signal – is probably best not ignored.

You don't even have to be face to face with someone to get a 'niggle of doubt'. You might be reading a headline, visiting a website, or taking part in an online discussion.

That 'niggle' is your meter kicking in.

There's no need to panic, but do pay attention and stay aware. Analyse what is causing the 'niggle' without trying to dismiss it. That's how to fine tune your meter.

When you have pinpointed what set off your meter, you will be better equipped to act and respond/react with confidence.

Paying attention to that niggle can save you money, friendships, heartache, and help you avoid a date with disaster.

Do Tell

Do you have an internal detector-meter you pay attention to? Is yours in your gut?


Love it Lisa. My inner robot seems to constantly scouting out BS. So tiresome. I rely on the very few like yourself for the honesty & pleasurable reading. Love Sharon @ Two Sheep Soapery Xxx
LisaLise said…
💗💗 thank you Sharon
Unknown said…
Thank you for this post. I'm a skeptic so my personal BS meter is quite active. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. Your honesty is refreshing and a reliable source.
LisaLise said…
Thank you Unknown - I appreciate your kind words 🙏🏻
Leslie Harris said…
My gut has been going crazier than usual, especially living in the USA with the current President. It's hard to ignore my internal geiger counter.
LisaLise said…
Oh dear Leslie — yes indeed. Hoping to see that situation more peaceful very soon