How to Recycle an Eyebrow Pencil

Pictured: a couple of eyebrow pencils I made along with a little pot containing the leftover mass that I didn't have enough casings for. I hate discarding excess make-up I've made –even if it's a teensy little bit. There's less than 5 grams in that little pot.

Also pictured: a snazzy jazzy dial-up eyebrow pencil container with a pre-shaped tip that makes application absolutely fool proof.

You: But Lise, you make all your own makeup. Why do you have a commercially manufactured pencil?

Me: I bought it at a time where I had run out of my own stock and we were traveling, and, well OK, I was totally and utterly wooed by that container.

Which Caused Cravings

And I fell instantly in love with how easy it was to use. This caused 'must have more' cravings. I researched and asked around and tried and tried my hardest to find a similar type of container for my own eyebrow pencils but alas, there was no joy to be had.

This container, by the way, holds a mere 0.34 grams. That's a third of a gram. In ounces, that's 0.012 oz. One could definitely say this eyebrow pencil is all about the packaging.

For comparison: my own pencils hold about 3 grams each. But then, they don't have a super duper fool proof tip and also have to be sharpened, so there is definitely a loss of product during use.

The Daring Thing 

While I was making up my next batch of eyebrow pencils, I discovered to my horror that my stock of slim pencil casings was practically non existent.


And they didn't even match.

So I did a daring thing.

I twisted the remainder of the snazzy jazzy eyebrow pencil up from the container and snapped it off so I could fill it with my own product.

And it worked, but my heavens it wasn't fun trying to fill it. Can we momentarily mention messiness and missing the tip a whole heck of a lot while trying to fill? It was embarrassingly messy and I don't even think a tenth of a gram made it into that casing, but it functioned and was wonderful while it lasted.

But it Didn't Last

As you might imagine, it got used up real quick and wasn't long before I needed a new pencil. When I popped open my stock cupboard to grab a new pencil, the little pot with leftovers suddenly gave me a shout.

"Helloooo?! How about me?!"

If you've made makeup pencils, then you know the mass is softer than crayons or drawing pencils. Well, yes, because they are makeup pencils and applied to skin. They need to go on smoothly and effortlessly with no drag.

I know you're seeing what happened next, aren't you?

The snazzy jazzy eyebrow container is hard and the mass is soft enough to dig into, so, yes, you guessed it! Simply jam the container into the pot of pencil mass and fill without making embarrassingly huge messes.

Not only that, I'll bet there's a full third of a gram in there.

And now you know where that indent in the middle of the pot came from.

My prediction: this eyebrow casing is going to be around for a loooong time.

Do Tell

Do you make make-up pencils and have fun ways to use the leftovers? Please share in a comment below.

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